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What are the four sections of the superior skull?
Frontal, Parietal, Occipital, and Temporal
What are the sutures of the skull?
Coronal, Sagittal, Lambdoid, Squamous
What bones of the skull are connected by the coronal suture?
Frontal and Parietal
What bones of the skull are connected by the sagittal suture?
Parietal Bone
What bones of the skull are connected by the lamboidal suture?
Occipital and Parietal
What bones of the skull are connected by the squamous sutures?
Temporal and Parietal Bones
What is the term for close approximation of the frontal, parietal, temporal, and greater wing of the spehnoid?
pterion or temporal fossa
Name the foramen just inferior to the orbit?
Infraorbital Foramen
Name the large opening that the nose covers?
piriform aperture
Name the structures that pass through the optic canal?
Optic nerve and opthalmic artery
What structures pass though the superior orbital fissure?
Cranial Nerves III, IV, V1, VI, and opthalamic vein
Name the strucutre that passes through the foramen ovale?
Mandibular Nerve
Name the strucutre that passes through foramen rotundum
Maxillary Nerve
Name the strucutre that passes through hypoglossal canal?
Hypoglossal Nerve
Name the strucutre that passes through foramen magnum?
Spinal Cord
Name the strucutre that passes through stylomastoid foramen?
facial Nerve
Name the strucutre that passes through jugular foramen?
internal jugular
Name the strucutre that passes through cartoid canal?
Internal Carotid Artery
What are the 8 Neurocranium bones?
Frontal, Parietal (2), Occipital, temporal (2), Sphenoid, ethmoid
What is the function of the Neurocranium Bones?
Support and protect the brain
What are the 14 Viserocranium Bones?
Mandible;vomer, Maxillae (2), Lacrimal (2), Zygomatic (2), Nasal (2), Palatine (2), Inferior Nasal Conchae (2)
What is the purpose of the Viserocranium bones?
esthetics, repiration, and digestion
What passes through the foramen ovale?
What is the skull's largest foramen?
foramen magnum
What bone does the spinal cord pass through?
Occipital Bone
what passes through the incisive foramen?
Insisive Palatine
The inferior most extention of the palate?
What is the Temporozygomatic Suture?
The cranial suture between the zygomatic bone and the temporal bone.
What is the Median Palatine Suture?
Palate midline between palatine bones
Where is the Transverse Palatine?
cross section between median palatine suture and intermaxillary suture
What is the intermaxillary suture?
The midline of the hard palate
What is the most fractured facial bone?
What is the 2nd most fractured facial bones?
What is the 3rd most fractured facial bones?
Soft tissues of the face are most generally associated with what?
More than 1 bone
The eye orbit is comprised of what 7 bones?
Frontal bone, ethmoid bone, lacrimal bone, zygomatic bone, maxilla, spehnoid and palatine bones
The Frontal bone makes up what wall in the orbital socket?
Superior Wall
The ethmoid and lacrimal bones make up what walls of the orbital socket?
Medial Wall
The zygomatic and sphenoid bones make up which walls of the orbital socket?
lateral Wall
The maxilla makes up which wall of the orbital socket?
Inferior Wall (Floor)
The sphenoid and palatine bones make up which portion of the orbital socket?
The base at the apex of the orbit
What cranial nerves make up the superior orbital fissure?
What vein is in the superior orbital fissure?
superior opthalmic vein
Where is the superior orbital fissure located?
between the greater and lesser wings of the sphenoid
The inferior orbital fissure is located where?
between the greater and lesser wings of the spenoid, inferior to the superior orbital fissure
What nerves go through the inferior orbital fissure?
branches of V2
Which artery and vein run through the inferior orbital fissure?
infraorbital artery and inferior opthalmic vein
What cranial nerve runs through the optic canal?
Cranial Nerve II (vision)
What is the piriform aperture bounded by?
nasal bones (superior) and Maxillae (lateral and inferior wall)
What is the nasal septum composed of?
Cartilage-nasal septum
What is the temporal fossa?
slight depression, larger than the pterion.
The space on the side of the cranium bounded by the temporal lines and terminating below at the level of the zygomatic arch.
What is the external occipital protuberance?
the occipital surface of the occipital bone, above the foramen magnum
What is the zygoma?
forms prominence of cheek, lateral wall of the orbit, joined to the temporal bone by temporalzygomatic suture
What is the hard palate formed by?
2 palatine processes of maxilla and 2 horitontal plates on the palatine bones
What 4 surfaces make up the palate?
Median Palate, Transverse Palatine, Intermaxillary suture, and palatine bones
What are the Hard Palate foramina?
Incisive, greater palatine, and lesser palatine
Where is the incisive palatine locates and what does it transmit?
-Midline of anterior palate (pre-maxilla)
-nasopalatine nerve
Where is the greater palatine located and what does it transmit?
-posterior and lateral of the palate
-greater palatine nerve
Where is the lesser palatine located?
posterior to the greater palatine foramen
What is the pterygoid process and where is it located?
A long process of the sphenoid bone extending downward from the junction of its body and great wing
What is the pterygoid processes function?
muscle attachment
What is the pterygoid Fossa?
The pterygoid fossa is an anatomical term for the fossa formed by the divergence of the lateral pterygoid plate and the medial pterygoid plate of the sphenoid bone.
Hamulus is?
Most inferior extension of the medial pterygoid plate
What are the medial and lateral pterygoid plates?
fossa between plates
What is the mandibular fossa?
large depression, aka glenoid process