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Using the Oracle export utility, you can export & then import the same database to reduce what?
fragmentation and row chaining
Before you can run Export and Import, what administrative SQL script must be run once on the database?
The administrative SQL script CATALOG.SQL, which is typically run at database-creation time, automatically runs this.
The Oracle export function can be accomplished graphically or programmatically using these 2 utilites.
data manager and exp80
Type your answer below. Export writes object definitions and table data to an Oracle-format of what kind of file?
You are exporting a table with indexes. Which part of this data is written to the export file first, table data or index data?
table data
To perform an export graphically, you must first invoke Data Manager. For Data Manager to work you must have what running?
Oracle Agent and Enterprise Manager
Operating Export in full mode causes all database objects not in the this schema type to be exported.
Operating Export in this mode allows you to specify which schema objects to export?
Type your answer below. What do you enter at the NT command prompt to run the Export utility with the username internal and the password oracle?
exp80 internal/oracle
As with the Export utility, the Import utility features a command line for performing imports. The Import utility's command line is called what under Windows NT. Under other operating systems, it is known simply as?
imp80, imp
The default Oracle 8 export file name is?
Oracle 8 Import can be used only with data generated from what?
Oracle utility that is used for loading data into an Oracle database. This utility is designed to be flexible and to accept data in a variety of formats.
SQL*Loader accepts two input file types?
input datafile and loader control file
One of the files types is used to specify the format of the datafile(s) as well as column data types, field delimiters, and various other data-specific information.
Which of the following indicates that comments are used within a control file?
Double hyphens (- -)
To load a variable record format datafile, what must you specify for the columns?
column delimiter
When you use this, data is inserted directly into the datafiles, bypassing much of the logic involved in the conventional path load.
direct path loader
The advantages of using the direct path loader include the capacity to bypass many of the steps taken by the conventional loader, and the capability to load in parallel. Another advantage is the capability to use the this option?
The Oracle RDBMS uses what two types of processes?
user and oracle
What are Oracle processes also known as (there are two)?
Backround, Server
What are the nine Oracle processes also known as?
Background processes
How are Oracle background processes implemented in Windows NT?
each oracle shadow process uses approx. how much memory?
This is used to reduce the number of Oracle user connections.
A system that has a middle server to handle connection processing is typically called?
three-tier system
system directly links the user connections into the Oracle instance via the server processes.
What does a three-tier system have that a two-tier system does not?
A middleware system
process allows many user processes to share a smaller number of server processes
multi-threaded server
All requests to the shared server processes must go through the?
dispatch process
To request a dedicated server process when the system is running with the multithreaded server enabled, include the parameter
If you think the shared-pool size might be too small, you can increase it by tuning this parameter?
The number of dispatchers per protocol is determined by the initialization parameter
If you increase this number, each session will potentially see greater performance because it will not have to wait on a dispatcher to become available.
lower number of dispatchers are used when there are?
less users
Sets the number of dispatchers per protocol
Sets the initial number of shared server processes
Sets the maximum number of dispatcher processes in an instance
Sets the maximum number of shared server processes