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This account allows the user to perform STARTUP and SHUTDOWN operations and also executes the following ALTER DATABASE functions: MOUNT, OPEN,
What is the term used to define a set of privileges that can be granted to a user?
includes the permissions granted to the OSOPER role as well as CREATE DATABASE command and all system privileges with the ADMIN OPTION.
Without this, the user cannot propagate system permissions and roles.
The Admin Option
mainly provides for compatibility with earlier versions of Oracle.
the internal account
It is also used for key functions such as starting up and shutting down the instance.
created automatically whenever a database is created. Used primarily to administer the data dictionary. granted the DBA role, as well as the CONNECT and RESOURCE roles.
sys account
created automatically whenever a database is created. used primarily to create tables and views important to the operation of the RDBMS. This account is granted the DBA role.
system account
Which role is assigned to the SYSTEM account?
Which DBA account allows compatibility with earlier versions of Oracle?
Which DBA account administers the data dictionary?
sys account
What feature needs to be enabled so that the system records user changes?
logical term that refers to the components necessary to access the data in the database.
includes an Oracle database, the Oracle processes or threads, and the memory it uses
Each Oracle instance is identified by this? Required in order to connect to an Oracle instance. Can be up to 4 alphanumeric characters in length.
This file resolves the SID with a service name
used to resolve both the network and the SID.
service name
allows the administrator to manage one or more Oracle instances either locally or via the network.
enterprise manager
consists of two main components: the graphical console and the intelligent agents.
allow the graphical console to communicate with the instances.
intelligent agents
uses the SNMP (Simple Network Management Protocol) to take requests from the console and communicate those requests to the Oracle system running on these systems
Which components comprise Enterprise Manager?
graphical console, intelligent agents
Through what objects does the graphical console of Enterprise Manager communicate to the systems it administers?
intelligent agents
occurrences that trigger some kind of action, such as a simple alert are referred to as?
Which pane in Enterprise Manager displays a list through which administrative operations can be launched?
Which pane in Enterprise Manager allows routine operations to be scheduled from a single console?
provides a character-based interface into the Oracle instance.
server manager
used to show the current value of a requested Oracle initialization parameter.
show parameter
On NT, what service is created when the instance is created.
configuring network services is to allow a remote process to connect to the database is done using?
configure the client to allow a connection into the instance via an alias. This is done through?
file is created for each network protocol at installation time.
also defines the SID
Through which utility is the client side of the network configured?
Net8 Easy Config
To connect to a database on a local or remote machine, you need
you can use Oracle Net8 Easy Config to administer