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this contains system rollback segment, the data dictionary, stored procedures, and other structures necessary to run the Oracle instance.
system tablespace
which log files need to be protected most on a Oracle Server?
redo and archive
The maximum size of a oracle 8 datafile is?
The maximum number of datafiles per tablespace is
The maximum size of a tablespace is
When planning your database, you must allow enough space for datafiles and for what other data component?
These files sequentially accessed log files should be isolated from randomly accessed files in order to increase performance?
redo and archive
Which type of data should be isolated in the database?
Sequentially accessed
A oracle system Primarily queries and the database layout favors datafiles is?
a system that does a Large number of updates and Continuously creates archive files is characteristic of?
RAID-5 is also known as?
data guarding
This is the fastest fault-tolerant method and offers the most protection. It is, however, the most costly?
This fault tolerent method is very fast for reading, but write performance is degraded. It is typically too slow for the redo log files, which need fast write access.
raid 5
can be acceptable for datafiles and possibly for the archive log files.
It is a good idea to put your operating system and redo log files on what kind of volume?
raid 1
Typically, the archive log files do not require fast performance and can reside on what kind of volume?
raid 5
What can be used in conjunction with archive log files and a recent backup to recover a database to the point of system failure?
redo log
When you create a database using a SQL script, you first need to create a?
sql script
When creating a database using Oracle Server Manager, the log file parameter is followed by the log-file name, which specifies the name of the?
redo log
This is a set of tables Oracle uses to maintain information about the database, including information about tables, indexes, clusters, and so on.
data dictionary
After the oracle database has been created, what two scripts should be run to create the data dictionary views?
catalog.sql and catproc.sql
Which Oracle SQL script creates many of the views used by the system and by the DBA?
This script sets up the database for the procedural option along with scripts that set permissions, insert stored procedures into the system, and load a number of packages into the database.
This SQL script a)Creates many views used by the system and the DBA, b)Creates synonyms and grants, c)Creates the V$ tables
This SQL script a)Sets up the database for the procedural option, b)Runs other SQL scripts
using this install method the NT bootstrap instance, database, and SYSTEM tablespace are created, and the CATALOG.SQL and CATPROC.SQL scripts are automatically executed.
Database Assistant
It's a GUI install
What does Advanced replication do using the Oracle Database Assistant install method?
default users and stored procedure packages will be added.
A block size of 2,048 is usually appropriate for which type of application?
To create the data dictionary views when using the Database Assistant, you must also run SQL scripts.
The open parameter opens the database for normal use. Optionally, you can specify the additional parameter?
What is the parameter that is essential for data recovery in the event of media failure?
Complete the command that is used to alter the database dogs so that it runs in ARCHIVELOG mode.

dogs archivelog;
Enter the command to open a closed database named cats
alter database cats open;
To make sure you are not running out of space, you can use
storage manager utility
a subset of Enterprise Manager