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surface turns back a portion of the light that strikes it
light is deflected into different directions
crepuscular rays
alternating light and dark bands of light that appear to fan out from the sun's position, usually at twilight
bending of light as it passes from one medium to another
apparent twinkling of a star due to its light passing thru regions of differing air densities in the atmosphere
the time at the beginning of the day immediately before sunrise and at the end of the day after sunset when the sky remains illuminated
green flash
small green color that occasionally appears on the upper part of the sun as it rises or sets
refraction phenomenon that makes an object appear to be displaced from its true position
rings or arcs that encircle the sun or moon when seen through an ice crystal cloud or a sky filled with falling ice crystals, produced by refraction
tangent arc
arc of light tangent to a halo, forms by refraction of light through ice crystals
dispersion (of light)
separation of white light into its different component wavelengths
sundog or parhelia
colored luminous spot produced by refraction of light through ice crystals that appear on either side of the sun (2 names)
sun pillar
vertical streak of light extending above (or below) the sun, produced by reflection of sunlight off ice crystals
series of colored rings concentrically surrounding the disk of the sun or the moon, caused by diffraction of light around small water droplets of uniform size
bending of light around objects producing fringes of light and dark or colored bands
brilliant spots or borders of colors, most often red or green, observed in clouds up to about 30 degrees from the sun