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What is teh primary mission of CDC?
Gather, process, display, evaluate, and disseminate tactical information.
What is the secondary mission of CDC?
Control and assist
What is CO's tactical plot?
CDC's only true geographical plot
What does radar stand for?
Radio detection and ranging
Which is the primary surface search radar?
SPS 67
What is the range for the SPS67?
20-30 NM
What is FURUNO?
Only civilian radar on board.
back up surface search radar.
What is the range for the FURUNO?
20-30 NM
What is DRT?
Dead Reckoning Tracer
What is IFFF?
Identification Friend or Foe
How many modes of IFF are there? Name them.
a. Mode 1: Mission
b. Mode 2: Identification
c. Mode 3: Civilian/military
d. Mode 4: Military only
e. Mode C: Altitude
Which is the primary air search radar?
SPS 49
What is the range for SPS 49?
256 NM
Which is the secondary air search radar?
SPS 48
what is the range for SPS 48?
220 NM
Which is the fire control radar?
What does TAS stand for?
Target Acquisition System
What is the purpose of TAS?
Deliver weapon to target
Which is the secondary fire control?
SPS 48
Which is the back up air search radar?
What is the range for TAS?
100 NM range
Which is the air marshall radar?
SPN 43
Which is the main purpose of air marshalling?
Prioritizing aircraft to land
Which is the ACLS?
SPN 46
What does ACLS stand for?
Automated Carrier Landing System
Which is the only 3D radar onboard JFK?
SPS 48
What does 3D radar provide?
Range, bearing, and altitude
What does 2D radar provide?
Range & bearing only
What does sonar stand for?
Sound navigation and ranging
What is the SQL 25?
NIXIE: Torpedo countermeasure
How many reels and cable does NIXIE have?
Two rels with two cables each
Eeach cable is 1500 ft long
What is WCQ 2?
Gertrude: ships underwater telephone
Which are teh four links?
11 (Alligator)
14 (Beaver)
4A (Dolly)
16 (Timber)
What is the SLQ 32 used for?
Electronic warefare:
ES (Electronic support)
EP (Electronic Protect)
EA (Electronic Attack)
What is HERO?
Hazards of Electromagnetic Radiation to Ordinance
What is the number called to set EMCON?
Who is the operations officer?
CDR Stubbs
Who is the communications officer?
CWO3 Brown
What is the TAO
Tactical Actions Officer
CO's direct rep for the
defense of teh ship
Has a weapon release authority
what is the surface module mission?
Track/identify suface contacts
What is the UW module mission?
Use sonar to detect subs
What is teh surface module mission?
Track/identify surface contacts
What is teh D&T module mission?
Maintain an overall picture of all contacts (air and surface) using data link