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Who provides educational support,training for cfls,guidance for weight management,ongoing program evaluation,admin action for all personnel,tech assistance to develop,implement,and evaluate program activities at each commmand.
CHIEF of NAVAL OPERATION in collaboration with Bureau of Med and Surgery(BUMED)
who provides guidance for navy's health promotion and physical readiness and nutrition program,establish pfa standards,fep guidance and the use of incentive awards to encourage maximum levels of fitness and health.
Who develop and maintain an appropriate navy database to monitor pfa performance of all personnel by age,gender,and other appropriate factors
Who evaluate or analyze data on physcial readiness program injuries and deaths.
Commander,Naval Safety Center
Who develop policies and procedures to ensure servicemembers who have body comp/physical fitness challenges are properly screened and evaluate, also ensure that med. depart. personnel execute thier responsibilities regarding the prp in an appropriate manner
Bureau of Medicine and Surgery(BUMED)
Who provides materials and informantion to educate commands and food service personnel on basic nutrition,low fat menu planning and promotion activities,food preparation, and procurement procedures in support of the nutritional standards
Commander,Naval Supply Systems Command(COMNAVSUPSYSCOM)
Who provide GMT on the physical readinees program at basic accession points like OCS,OIS,NROTC,RTC.
Commander,Naval Education and Training Command(CNETC)
Who ensure that all men and women recruited into the navy meet minimum entry-level physical readiness standards and are aware of the requirement caontained in this instr.
Commander, Navy Recruiting Command(COMNAVCRUITCOM)
Who ensure that all members meet or exceed physical readiness standards upon completion of recruit training
Commanding Officer, Recruit Training Command(RTC)
Who establish policy for drilling reservist pertaining to timing of pfa's and conducting feps and ensuring all unit commanders,COs,OICs,and healthcare professional assist,advise,educate,and ensuring all DR/VTU complete PFA 2 annually
Commander, Navy Reserve Forces Command(COMNAVRESFORCOM)
who ensure that commands enter accurate PRIMS data for all command member within 30 days of each PFA, Develop awards that promote and recognize physical readiness of commands and individuals within commands and shall review all admin separations initiated by commands
Immediate Superiors in Command(ISIC)
Awards shall recognize achievement and maintenance of what.
superior fitness,overall readiness,command fitness program quality and other action that advance physical readiness
shall ensure command training emphasizes healthy food choices,excercise,lifestyle change,ensure galleys and mess follow healthy menu standards,appoint a CFL/ACFLs in writing and ensure that the caommand has memebers certified and current in CPR
how many ACFLs do you need per member
what is forward to the commander,navy personnel command when an enlisted member fails to meet body composition assessment/prt standards and how long is it kept in the command file
NAPERS 1070/613Administrative remarks & 4 years
who shall notify the CO,CMC,CCC of result of the PFA,ensure member complete PARFQ,schedule and announce PFA,and must complete COMNAVPERSCOM-approved training
Comannd Fitness Leader(CFL)
who ensure facilities and fitness staff member are available to assist with PFA,PT,conduct visits at units and tenant commands to provide improvement ,and ensure healthly,low fat food choices are available at navy clubs
Commander,Navy Installations(CNI)
What is the qualification of an command fitness leader
-E6 or above
-CPR qual
-Overall PRT score excellent-low or better
-Within maximum weight for height standards
-Complete CFL course