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What is the principal goal of the Physical Readiness Program
create a culture of fitness to enhance a member's ability to
complete tasks that support the command's mission
Who provides policy guidance on Navy's Physical Readiness and
Nutrition Programs
Chief of Naval Personnel
Who provides information and establishes training for CFLs and provides technical assistance to develop, implement, and
evaluate program activities at each command
Chief of Naval Operations
How many physical activities is the CO required to have during the week.
How long are the physical activites required to be
40 minutes in duration
How many physical readiness test are there a year
What are the physical activities designed to
evaluate factors that enable members to perform physically.
(1) Flexibility via sit-reach.
(2) Muscular strength and endurance via
(a) Curl-up.
(b) Push-up.
(3) Aerobic capacity via
(a) 1.5-mile run/walk, or
(b) 500-yard or 450-meter swim.
Within 10 days of, but absolutely not less than
24 hours prior to member's participation in PRT must have
(1) conduct BCA.
(2) Ensure members have current PHA or
current periodic physical examination have been or are being
evaluated by medical
(3) Enter BCA measurements into PRIMS.
(4) Provide Navy Weight Control Self-Study Guide to any member who fails to meet body composition