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Who is responsible for overall implementation of VWAP in their geographic areas?
The Regional coordinators and Type commanders.
Who is reponsible for ensuring that victims and witnesses (whether military or civilian) of crimes under military jurisdiction are given their rights and kept informed of the status of the case?
Unit Commanders, Commanding Officers, and Officers in charge.
List the victim’s Rights
• Be treated with fairness and respect for the victim’s dignity and privacy
• Be reasonably protected from the accused offender
• Be notified of court proceedings
• Be present at all public court proceedings related to the offense
• Confer with the attorney for the government in the case
• Receive available restitution
• Be provided information about the conviction, sentenceing, imprisonment, and release of the offender
Who provides restitution to the victim via reduced sentences, pretrial agreements, clamency and parole?
The court-martial convening authorities and parole boards.
Who develops the overall policy for the VWAP and monitor's its compliance?
The under Secretary of Defense for personnel and Readiness.
Who develops investigative policy and perform appropriate oversight reviews of the management of the VWAP?
The Inspector General of the Department of Defense
Who is the Command's primary point of contact in the area of victim and witness assistance?
The command witness assistance coordinator (VWAC)
What form is used to advise a victim of his/her rights?
What does the trial counsel advised the victim of?
1. The date charges were referred and the nature of the charges
2. The acceptance of a plea
3. The rendering of a verdict
4. The sentenced adjudged; and
5. The nature of the convening authority’s action as it affects the sentence adjudged
If the accused is sentenced to confinement, what form does the counsel prepare?
DD 2704
Copies of DD 2704 are sent to the following people;
Chief of Naval Personnel, Corrections and programs Division (Pers-84, as the central repository for the Navy or the Commandant of the Marine Corps (code MHC), as the Central Repository for the Marine Corps, to the confinement facility; and to the victims and witnesses.