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Any enlisted person determined to be alcohol dependent with ___ days of entry on active duty may be processed for administrative separation as a “Defective and Fraudulent Enlistment” if the evidence shows that the member concealed a
disqualifying pre-service alcohol incident history.
180 days
Each command shall submit to the NAVDRUGLABs samples from ______ percent of its assigned personnel monthly.
10 to 20 percent
ALCOHOL-AWARE is basic alcohol awareness training for use at Navy commands. It targets junior enlisted (E1-E4) and junior officers (01-03). All Navy personnel shall complete the AWARE course within _____ of completion of recruit training or other accession point entry.
2 years
PREVENT 2000 is a 24-hour
prevention education and health promotions course targeting the _____ year age group.
what is the purpose of OPNAVINST 5350.4C?
To provide comprehensive alcohol and other drug abuse prevention and control policy and procedures for all Navy Military personnel, and to establish regulations to enforce that policy.
T or F. Members who incur an alcohol incident, any time in their careers, after having received treatment that resulted from a previous alcohol incident, will be processed for administrative separation, unless a written waiver is obtained from the Commander, Navy Personnel Command (COMNAVPERSCOM).
Who is is responsible for Navy Drug and Alcohol Abuse Program policy, and interfaces with the Department of Defense (DoD) and other agencies
Deputy Chief of Naval Operations (Manpower & Personnel) N1
Who is is designated as program sponsor, responsible for implementation?
Commander, Navy Personnel Command (COMNAVPERSCOM)
Who Develops guidance and provide assistance to commands in implementing and maintaining DUI/DWI countermeasure programs?
Director, Naval Criminal Investigative Service (NAVCRIMINVSERV)
What is the minimum of time on-base driving privileges willl be revoked if any member is found guilty of driving a vehicle while intoxicated?
1 year
The primary DAPA should be of what rank?
E-7 or above
T or F. The DAPA (and assistant DAPAs) shall not have had an alcohol incident within the 2 years prior to appointment, and shall have at least 1 year remaining in the command after appointment
Who is the DAPA is responsible to for the management of the commands substance abuse program?
T or F. A medical screening is mandatory for every member who is involved in an alcohol incident?
Incidents involving drug or alcohol abuse which affect security clearance eligibility shall be referred to who?
Department of the Navy Central Adjudication Facility (DON CAF)
T of F .To insure 100 percent of Navy personnel are tested annually, commands shall conduct an end of fiscal year unit sweep of all individuals not tested in the course of the year?
What shall be completed after every command or self-referral, drug or alcohol incident, and final disposition determination?
Drug and Alcohol Abuse Reports (DAAR)
T or F. Drug DAARs are filed in the members permanent service record.
Who is responsible for exercising positive leadership and demonstrating full support for the Navy drug and alcohol program?
Officers, Chief Petty officers, and enlisted supervisory personnel
Consists of two short, interactive education courses for Navy mangers and supervisors and one 5-day course for training command personnel?
Alcohol and Drug Abuse Managers/Supervisors (ADAMS
Is a 24-hour prevention education and health promotions course targeting the 18-25 year age group. It covers alcohol and drug abuse, interpersonal responsibility, financial responsibility, health and wellness, and also teaches important life skills such as communications and decision making?
Who is program manager for all alcohol and drug abuse awareness and prevention education and training programs, including Alcohol-AWARE, Alcohol and Drug Abuse Managers/ supervisors (ADAMS), DAPA course, and PREVENT 2000?
Commander, Navy Personnel Command (COMNAVPERSCOM )
T or F. The CO of the cognizant NAVDRUGLAB or the director of the DoD-certified laboratory is responsible for maintaining an internal identification system to maintain accountability of specimens and samples within the laboratory.
The UPC shall receive the specimen bottle from the member and ensure that it contains a minimum volume of how many milliliters, as required by the NAVDRUGLAB?
30 milliliters
Urinalysis Program Coordinators (UPCs ) shall be designated in writing bv who?
The preferred method of addressing potential or suspected abuse is through procedures called?
command-referral and self-referral
The drug screening laboratory will retain chain of custody documents and other paperwork on file for how many years? 1. one year 2. five years 3. two years 4. three years
three years
Any branch, department, or section, of an MTF(Medical Treatment Facility). that provides screening, referrals, early intervention, or treatment services for alcohol-induced problems?
ATF (Alcohol Treatment Facility)