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Who ensures directives are issued concerning matters over which they exercise authority and do not conflict with directives from a higher authority
Issuing Authority
Who ensures that directives conform to DON policies, regulations, statutory, and other requirements?
Issuing Authority
Who exercises overall management of the DON Directives Issuance System?
Who designates a directives control point to ensure compliance?
Issuing Authority
Who assigns consecutive numbers and date new directives after signature?
Directives Control Point
Who manages, coordinates proposed improvements, provides guidance and technical assistance, and coordinates recommendations for change?
Who assists originators in the periodic review of directives?
Directives Control Point
Who reviews proposed directives prior to signature for compliance?
Directives Control Point
Who coordinates reviews of proposed directives?
Directives Control Point
What is the recommended time in which directives should be reviewed?
Annually on the anniversary date
Who maintains the original directive and all background and supporting material in case files?
Directives Control Point
Who conducts a periodic review on directives?
Issuing Authority
Who provides appropriate training for personnel involved with drafting, preparing, reviewing and maintaining directives?
Issuing Authority
Who arranges for printing, distribution and stocking of classified directives?
Directives Control Point
Who ensures that directives include adequate ordering and stocking information?
Directives Control Point
Who establishes a directives issuance system to organize, improve effectiveness and quality and prevent pyramiding of directives?
Issuing Authority
Who provides for the implementation and administration of the Directives Issuance System?
Who assigns consecutive numbers and date new directives after signature?
Directives Control Point
Who maintain the original directive and all background and supporting material in case files?
Directives Control Point
True of False. Instructions may be classified as SECRET or CONFIDENTIAL?
True or False. TOP SECRET and Communication Security (COMSEC) material cannot be issued through the Directives Issuance System
Where should Classified and FOUO directives be ordered?
The Navy Stock points
What format should you used?
Standard single column format
What size and font is authorized?
Courier New 12
What margins are set to 1 inch?
Top, Bottom, Left, Right, and Header
What is the bottom margin set to?
Classified directives should be marked according to what instruction?
How should Change Transmittal be marked to a classified directive?
It should be marked according to its own content, regardless of the classification level of the basic directive.
Where should the cancellation date of each notice be typed?
In the upper right margin, 2nd line above identification symbols or "In reply refer to"
How is Cancellation for purposes only written?
Canc frp: JUN 02
Which paragraph is the cancellation paragraph?
The last paragraph
What is the heading of the cancellation paragraph?
Cancellation Contingency
When is the canc frp date not reported?
If the contingency is stated
True or False. The originator's code is shown only on a select few of directives?
False. They are shown on all of them
If the notice is cancelled on a given date with no contingency, how is the cancellation date shown?
"Canc: Jun 02 and there is no cancellation paragraph
On what line is the designation abbreviation?
On the line below the last line of the letterhead
How are instructions and notices distinguished?
By the presence or absence of consecutive numbers
Are serial numbers required on all classified directives and notices?
Yes and is located on the line above the date
What is an example of a change transmittal?
The same identification symbols used on the first page are located on the top right margin except.....
The originator's identification is omitted
Example of a change being made to one page would be.....
6 Jun 02
Example of a Revised First Page.....
CH-1 of 6 Jun 02

16 Mar 90
What should the SSIC # reflect?
The most important subject covered in the directive
Are consecutive numbers assigned to notices?
Examples of Change Transmittal......
The title of the issuing authority id shown on what line?
On the from line, but on joint directives titles are typed in list form.
What line is the classification level typed on?
The subject line after the subject in parentheses (U) (S) (C)
What three parts do a notice consist of?
THe abbreviation "NOTE", the SSIC, and since notices do not carry consecutive numbers, the date
True or Flase. Paragraphs shall be lettered.
False. Paragraphs shall be numbered in parentheses
True or False. Paragraphs shall be be underlined.
What is the name of the first paragraph?
What do the second paragraph contain?
The cancellation statements
True or False. Complete sentences are required for notices
In cases where the signature page is revised, what will the page reflect?
"CH-1 of 6 JUN 02" in the upper flush right, two spaces above the identification symbols
Who has primary responsiblity for determining whose applicable?
The orginator
When a directive is addressed to shore activities, special consideration should be given to what part of the instruction?
Copy to
If it is necessary to repeat, what should you type after the word "Distribution" on the change transmittal?
Same as basic directive
Information addresses are shown under what part of the instruction?
Copy to