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What directive contains information on Operational Risk Management (ORM)?
What is an effective process for maintaining readiness in peacetime and achieving success in combat without infringing upon the prerogratives of the commander?
Operational Risk Management (ORM)
What is a decision making process that enhances operational capability?
Operational Risk Management
Operational Risk Management is integrated into what level of a command?
All levels of the command
What is a condition with the potential to cause personal injury or death, property damage or mission degradation?
What is meant by the ORM term "risk"?
An expression of possible loss in terms of severity and probability.
What is the process of detecting hazards and assessing associated risks?
Risk Assessment
What is the process of dealing with risk associated within military operations, which includes risk assessment, risk decision making and implementation of effective risk controls?
Operational Risk Management
What are the five steps of the Operational Risk Management(ORM) process?
1)Identify hazard 2)Assess hazards 3)Make risk decisions 4)Implement controls 5)Supervise
What are the three ORM Process Levels?
1)Time-critical 2)Deliberate 3)In-depth
What level of the Operational Risk Management (ORM) process is employed by experienced personnel to consider risk while making decisions in a time-compressed situation?
Time-critical level
What level of the Operational Risk Management (ORM) process uses primarily experience and brainstorming to identify hazards and develop controls (and therefore is most effective when done in a group)?
Deliberate Level
What level of the Operational Risk Managment (ORM) process is used to more thoroughly study the hazards and their associated risk in a complex operation or system, or one in which the hazards are not well understood?
In-depth Level
What are the four pronciples of Operational Risk Management?
1)Accept risk when benefits outweigh the cost 2)Accept no unnecessary risk 3)anticipate and manage risk by planning 4)Make risk decisions at the right level
What is the goal of Operational Risk Management?
Not to eliminate risk, but to manage the risk so that the mission can be accomplished with the minimum amount of loss
When does a leader responsible for executing a mission, elevate the decision to their chain of command?
When the leader determines that the risk associated with that mission CANNOT be controlled at his/her level, or goes beyond the commander's stated intent.
OPNAVINST 3500.39 Operational Risk Management
OPNAVINST 3500.39 Operational Risk Management