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How effectively an organization meets the wants and needs of customers relative to others to offer similar goods or services
The reason for the existence of an organization.
Mission statement
States of the purpose of an organization.
Provide detail and scope of the mission.
Plans for achieving organizational goals.
The methods and actions taken to accomplish strategies.
Core competencies
The special attributes or abilities that give an organization a competitive edge.
Order qualifiers
Characteristics that customers perceive as minimum standards of acceptability to be considered as a potential for purchase.
Order winners
Characteristics of an organization's goods or services that cause it to be perceived as better than the competition.
Environmental scanning
The considering of events and trends that present threats or opportunities for a company.
Operations strategy
The approach, consistent with the organization strategy, that is used to guide the operations function.
Quality-based strategy
Strategy that focuses on the quality in all phases of an organization.
Time-based strategy
Strategy that focuses on reduction of time needed to accomplish tasks.
A measure of the effective use of resources, usually expressed as the ratio of output to input.