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neonatal chemical conjunctivitis
2/2 silver nitrate or erythromycin; occurs within 24 hours of birth; no purulent discharge
neonatal gonorrheal conjunctivitis
look for gonorrhea in mom; onset day of life 2-5!!
tx topical erythomycin and IV or IM ceftriaxone
neonatal chlamydial conjunctivitis
onset day of life 5-14!!
tx PO erythromycin to prevent chlamydial pneumonia
viral conjunctivitis p/w:
preauricular LAD
watery clear discharge
h/o swimming pools
tx supportively
dacrocystitis is:
obstruction lacrimal duct leading to infection with Staph or group A Strep
trachoma is:
chlamydia infection; follicular conjunctivitis with neovascularization of cornea; a/w concurrent nasopharyngeal infection and nasal discharge; tx PO doxy or erythro
open angle glaucoma
painless progressive loss of peripheral vision; tx timolol drops, PGs, acetazolamide, pilocarpin, trabeculectomy
closed angle glaucoma
sudden painful complete vision loss in one eye; fixed mid-dilated pupil! emergency IV mannitol and pilocarpine drops!!
DDx of sudden unilateral painless vision loss: (6)
1. central retinal a. occlusion
2. central retinal v. occlusion
3. optic neuritis
4. vitreous hemorrhage
5. stroke/TIA
6. retinal detachment
DDx of sudden unilateral PAINFUL vision loss: (4)
1. trauma
2. optic neuritis
3. closed angle glaucoma
4. migraine HA
tx for central retinal artery occlusion
eyeball massage and O2
gray elevated retina and very acute complete vision loss in older patient
retinal detachment
marked change in color perception, central scotoma, pain on eye movement, swollen optic disc in 20 year old woman
optic neuritis
DDx of sudden bilateral vision loss: (3)
1. conversion disorder
2. methanol poisoning
3. UV exposure (tanning, skiing, welding?)
DDx gradual vision loss: (many)
1. cataracts
2. closed angle glaucoma
3. diabetes
4. macular degeneration
5. tumor or meningitis
6. eye infection
7. optic neuritis
8. papilledema
9. presbyopia
10. uveitis
most common cause of white reflex in kids
congenital cataracts
most common cause of blindness in adults < 50
diabetic retinopathy
who to screen for open angle glaucoma?
1. black
2. > 40
3. family hx
4. diabetic
progressive bilateral central vision loss; a/w drusen on fundoscopy
macular degeneration
ethambutal can cause this eye problem...
optic neuritis
constricted nonreactive pupil with pain, blurry vision, hazy cornea, perilimbal injection
tx corticosteroids
sudden onset fever, unilateral proptosis, ophthalmoplegia, decreased acuity, swollen red eyelid
orbital cellulitis!!
1. BCx
2. IV broad spec abx
3. CT scan to look for abscess
(aka stye)
painful red lump near lid margin; tx warm compress
painless lump away from lid margin; tx warm compress
conjunctivitis then vesicular lid eruption, then dendritis keratitis seen with fluorescein
herpes simplex keratitis
tx idoxuridine. trifluridine
pale fundus with red fovea (cherry red spot in macula)
central retinal artery occlusion
painless vision loss with opaque yellow-white fluffy/granular lesions near retinal vessels and hemorrhages but no conjunctivitis
CMV retinitis, seen when CD4 < 50
tx foscarnet, ganciclovir
dx corneal abrasion
slit lamp exam with fluorescein
strabismus beyond how old needs a ophtho referral?
3 months!
pupil is blown; eye is down and out and can only move laterally
when gaze is medial, cannot look down
loss of corneal blink reflex
do not give ??? in herpes simplex keratitis!!
optic glioma seen in which autosomal dominant disorder?
NF 1
sympathetic ophthalmia
damage of one eye after a penetrating injury to the other eye, thought to be 2/2 uncovering hidden eye antigens
left homonymous hemianopsia with macular sparing
right occipital lobe, from PCA occlusion