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number one viral cause of conjunctivitis
conjuctivitis withing first 24 hours of life
conjunctivitis between day 2-5 of life
treatment for gonorrheal conjunctivitis
systemic (ceftriaxone) and topical erythromycin) antibiotics
mild-to-severe conjunctivitis between 5-14 days of life
treatment for chlamydial conjunctivitis
topical and oral erythromycin
most common type of glaucoma
optic nerve changes in open angle glaucoma
increased cup-to-disc ratio
treamtent for open-angle glaucoma
beta-blockers, prostaglandins (latanoprost), acetazolamide, pilocarpine, surgery
sudden ocular pain, seeing halos around lights, red eye, high intraocular pressure, N/V, decreased vision, fixed, mid-dilated pupil
closed-angle glaucoma
treatment for closed-angle glaucoma
pilocarpine, oral glycerin and/or acetazolamide
how do steroids affect the eye?
can cause glaucoma and cataracts
dendritic corneal ulcer that stains green by fluorescein
treatment for ultraviolet keratitis
eye patch and topical antibiotic
most common cause of painless, slowly progressive vision loss in elderly
inherited metabolic disorder associated with cataracts
dot-blot hemorrhages, microaneurysms, neovascularization of retina
arteriolar narrowing, copper wiring, cotton-wool spots
treatment for proliferative diabetic retinopathy
panretinal photocoagulation
common bacterial causes of preorbital and orbital cellulitis
strep pneumo, h flu, staph aureus
painful red lump near lid margin
painless lump away from lid margin
treatment for hordeolum and chhalazion
warm compresses; I/D for chalazions if it doesn't work
treatment for herpes simplex keratitis
topical antivirals -- idoxuridine, trifluridine
hutchinson's sign
involvement of tip of nose in ophthalmic herpes zoster
sudden painless unilateral loss of visionwith pale, opaque fundus with cherry red spot
central retinal artery occlusion
what is the most common cause of central retinal artery occlusion?
emboli (also temporal arteritis)
sudden, painless, unilateral vision loss with distende, tortuous rentinal veins, retinal hemorrhages, congested, edematous fundus
central retinal vein occlusion
most common causes of central retinal vein occlusion
HTN, diabetes, glaucoma, increased blood viscosity
sudden painless unilateral loss of vision with floaters and flashes of light
retinal detachmetn
focal yellow-white deposits around macula
drusen - seen in macular degeneration
where's the lesion: right anopsia
right optic nerve
where's the lesion: bitemporal hemianopsia
optic chiasm
where's the lesion: left homonymous hemianopsia
right optic tract
where's the lesion: left upper quadrant anopsia
right optic radiations in right temporal lobe
where's the lesion: left lower quadrant anopsia
right optic radiations in right parietal lobe
where's the lesion: left homonymous hemianopia with macular sparing
right occipital lobe (from posterior cerebral artery occlusion)
eye deviated down and out, can only move laterally
CN III lesion
eye cannot look down when gaze is medial
CN IV lesion
afferent, sensory limb of corneal reflex
efferent/motor limb of corneal reflex
what is presbyopia?
age 40-50 lens loses ability to accomodate; normal part of aging; pts need bifocals or reading glasses
tumor associated with NF1
optic glioma
sudden loss of vision and floaters with fundus hard to visualize
vitreous hemorrhage; seen in pts with diabetic retinopathy
white reflex in kid
congenital cataracts
yellow-white patches of retinal opacification and hemorrhages in HIV pt
CMV retinitis
treatment for central retinal artery occlusion
ocular massage and high flow O2
what is sympathetic ophthalmia
damage of second eye after penetrating injury to first
what causes sympathetic ophthalmia?
immune mechanism related to recognition of 'hidden' antigens
follicular conjunctivitis and neovascularization in cornea with concurrent nasal discharge
what causes trachoma?
chlamydia types A-C
inflammatory changes in medial canthal region of eye
responsible pathogens in dacryocystitis
staph, strep
infection within eye causing pain, decreased visual acuity; swollen eyelids, conjuctiva, corneal edema that happens within 6 weeks of surgery
postoperative endophthalmitis