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differentiate acute bacterial conjunct from allergic
bacterial: eyes stuck shut, no rhinorrhea.
allergic: clear bilateral discharge and rhinorrhea.
eye pain, phtophbia, red eye
uveitis. may have vision decreased. associated with JRA, Kawasakis, Behcet, Reiter, IBD
orbital cellulutis signs, bacteria
edema, conjunctivitis proptosis, restricted EOM. S. pneumo, H flu, S aureus. GAS
complications of orbital cellulitis
subperiosteal abscess, cavernous sinus thrombosis, meningitis, brain abscess.
infant with: tearing, photophobia, conjunctival injection, large corneas, no red reflex
infantile glaucoma most preseent within 6mo.
newborn: leukocoria, hearing impairment, no other problems. which infection.?
congenital rubella is most associated with cataracts.
ROP exam time
31-33wks gestational age <1500g, <33wks at risk
most common presentation of retinoblastoma. parents often notice first. strabismus is second most common sign. 13-18mo is average age of dx.
retinoblastoma genetics
most are sporadic. some AD with complete penetrance.
painful inflammation of ciliary follicle and sebaceous gland. S aureus. warm compress 20 min several times a day. opthalmic erythromycin.
painless lump. no signs of infalmmation. more often points inward. resolves spontaneously. no help with warm compress or abx. removal if recurrent or if large and blocking vision
salt and pepper fundus
congenital syphilis
differentiate bacterial, viral, allergic conjunct
bacterial: eyelids stuck shut
viral: clear discharge, not stuck shut
allergic: bilat, no eyelids stuck
congenital ptosis
malformation of levator muscle. botulism is progressive and systemic. MG does not manifest with eye findings in babies.
occular manifestation of sturge weber
glaucoma on affected side
inflammed optic nerve head. viral post URI. unilat. visual decrease. optic disk looks inflammed and engorged. Different than papilledema which has normal vision.
management of corneal abrasion
broad spectrum abx. no patch. reeval in 48hrs if not improving refer.