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Define accommodation
change in shape of ocular lens for various focal distances
Define refreaction
deflection of light when it passes from one medium to a different optic density
Define Amblyoplia
visual impairment not due to an ocular lesion not fully corrected by lenses. Lazy eye.
Define diplopia
a singel object is percieved as two. Double vision
Define miosis
contraction of pupil
Define mydriasis
dialation of pupil (my-D-riasis D = dialation
Define photophobia
dread and avoidance of light
Define presbyopia
physiologic loss of accommodation in eyes in advancing age
Define Scotoma
an isolated area of varying size and shape within visual field; floaties
Define xerophthalmia
excessive dryness of conjunctiva and cornea; may be due to disease or systemic deficiency of vit. A
Define hyperopia
Define hemianopsia
loss of vision for 1/2 of visual field
Define esotropia
form of strabismus
Define Amaurosis fugax
transient blindness which may result from carotid artery insuffieciency, retinal artery embolus.
Define blephler/o
Define dacry/o
tears, lacrimal sac or duct
What is the slit lamp used for
biomicroscope used to view anterior chamber portion of eye: conjunctiva, cornea, iris, lens
When is a CT scan used to evaluate the eye
to distinguish between preseptal and periorbital cellulitis
When is a Water's view x-ray used to evaluate the eye
to find and document blow out fractures
When would Ultrasound be used to evaluate the eye
determine vitreous humor hemorrhage: traumatic or diabetic
What is preseptal cellulitis:
periocular superficial cellulits that hasn't breached orbital septum. caused by staph. eyelids red, warm swollen
What is orbital cellulitis
orbital infection, potentially life-threatening. staph caused. extraocular muscle motility impaired, px, fever, proptosis. IV ABX, workup.
What is most frequent site of orbital blowout fx's:
inferior wall (maxillary) medial wall (ethmoid). SubQ emphsema. Repair surgically within 3-10 days.
Describe 1. Sx, 2. etiology 3. tx for: anterior uveitis
1. pupil small irregular. develop posterior synechiae (adhesions between iris/anterior lens capsule) 2. inflammatory cells flare within aqueous 3. topical corticosteroids
Describe 1. Sx, 2. etiology 3. tx for: posterior uveitis
1. acute unilateral px, redness, photophobia, visual loss 2. cells in vitreous. lesion may be present in retina or choroids. 3. systemic corticosteroid therapy and occasionally systemic immunosuppression agents
What conditions or injuries require immediate consultation to ophthalmologist
full thickness corneal FB, penetrating trauma, ruptured globe, chemical burns showing corneal clouding, acute angle closure glaucoma, central retinal artery occlusion, central retinal vein occlusion, retinal detachment is suspected
Define Hyphema
blood in anterior chamber either by trauma or spontaneous.
Define hordeolum (sty)
acute staph infection of external lash line
Define chalazion
acute or chronic inflammation secondary to blockage of the lid margin (meibomian gland)
Define blephlaritis
inflammation of eyelid. oil glands occlude.