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A vehicular obstacle constructed by felling trees (leaving a 1- to 2-meter stump above the ground on both sides of a road, trail, gap, or defile) so that they fall, interlocked, toward the expected direction of enemy aroach.
A directive from the originator of a communication requiring the addressee(s) to advise the originator that his communication has been received and understood. This term is normally included in the electronic ransmission of orders to ensure the receiving station or person confirms receipt of the
The ability of friendly forces to act faster than the enemy and is a prerequisite to seizing and
holding the initiative. Agility is a mental as well as a physical quality.
air assault (Army)
Operations in which air assault forces (combat, combat support, and combat service support), using the firepower, mobility, and total integration of helicopter assets in their ground or air roles, maneuver on the battlefield under the control of the ground or air maneuver commander to engage
and destroy enemy forces or to seize and hold key terrain.
combat support
air corridor
A restricted air route of travel specified for use by friendly aircraft and established to prevent friendly aircraft from being fired on by friendly forces.
air route
An area designated to receive, store, reconfigure, and issue class V
material. It is normally located at or near the division area.
ammunition supply point
A designated, temporary site from which class V material is
transferred from corps transportation to unit vehicles.
ammunition transfer point
ACE (Army)
The G2's primary organization for controlling intelligence and electronic warfare (IEW) operations. The ACE performs collection management, produces all-source intelligence, provides IEW technical control, and disseminates intelligence and targeting data across the range of military operations.
analysis and control element
ACT (Army)
An organic team within the direct support military intelligence
company that provides the maneuver brigade S2 with automated intelligence processing, analytical, and
dissemination capabilities. Unlike the analysis and control element at higher echelons, the ACT is not
normally under operational control (OPCON) of the brigade S2.
analysis and control team