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The grouping of workers, their equipment, and spaces/offices to provide for comfort, safety, and movement of information.
Office Layout
Avoiding the placing of materials or supplies in storage by processing them as they are received for shipment.
Used in warehousing to locate stock wherever there is an open location.
Random Stocking
Addresses the layout requirements of stationary.
Fixed-Position Layout
using warehousing to add value to the product through component modification, repair, labeling, and packaging.
A layout that deals with low-volume, high-variety production; like machines and equipment are grouped together.
Process-Oriented Layout
A computer program that systematically examines alternatives departmental rearrangements to reduce total material handling cost.
A permanent or semi-permanent product-oriented arrangement of machines and personnel.
Focused Work Center
Pace of production to meet customer demands.
Takt Time
An arrangement of machines and personnel that focuses on making a single product or family of related products.
Work Cell
Groups or batches of parts processed together.
Job Lots
An approach that addresses flow, allocates space, and responds to customer behavior.
Retail Layout
Fees manufacturers pay to get shelf space for their products.
Slotting Fees
A design that attempts to minimize total cost by addressing trade-offs between space and material handling.
Warehouse Layout
The physical surroundings in which a service takes place, and how they affect customers and employees.