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Birthplace of Richard Wagner
First Six Wagner Operas
Die Feen
Das Liebesverbot
Der fliegende Holländer
Minna Planer
First wife of Wagner
Cosima Liszt
Second wife of Wagner
Heinrich Heine
German poet whose writings inspired Wagner to make use of legend in Die Fliegende Holländer.
Ernest Newman
Early English Wagner biographer and scholar.
Ludwig II
King who befriended and eventually aided Wagner.
Francesco Maria Piave
Rogletto librettist
"Le Roi s'amuse"
Victor Hugo play that inspired Francesco Maria Piave's Rigoletto libretto.
"years in the galley"
1842-1851: Verdi's very productive years of composing, ending with Rigoletto.
Giuseppina Strepponi
Verdi's soprano lover who he eventually marries.
Verdi's term to describe the different "color" of each of his operas.
Grand Guignol
French horror theatre that resembles Act III of Rigoletto.
La Fenice
Opera house where Rigoletto premiered.
Why is Dutchman important musically?
- First time use of legend
- Dom. theme: Redemption through love.
Rigoletto compositional importances
- Only one character has cabaletta
- No concerted finale
- First scene is through composed
- No precedent after "La donna" in Act III. Drama predominates, forms dissolve and wordless male chorus.
- Title role is the ultime baritone challenge in the Ital. repertory.