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a self-contained entity that contains both data and code in the form of subroutines and functions to manipulate and access the data
An object-oriented view of a software package would have
buttons, edit controls, windows, data, and so on as objects.
The state of an object is
the internal information that describes the object.
The state of a check box object indicates what?
a check box object indicates whether the check box is checked or unchecked.
What do you call an object that is able to change it's own state?
Actors, Active Objects or Objects with life
State information is typically internal to an object.
This is an entity with a well-defined boundary, state, behavior, and identity.
An Object
What defines an object's functionality, characteristics, and identity.
A class could be thought of as what?
It can be thought of as a pattern or template from which to build objects.
What is an object of a class type
Each instance has all of the functionality, data, and characteristics of what?
The class that it belongs to.
What is a fundamental and powerful feature of classes?
The capability to build a new class from another class.
What do you call the capability to build a new class from another class?
Deriving a class
What is one advantage to building applications from simple classes and inheriting them to build more complex classes?
you can focus your development on a class's unique characteristics.
What is the advantage of this: you inherit a window class to make a button class?
The button class doesn't have to deal with anything the window class already does. The button class can focus on what a button does and leave what a window does to the window class.
The member data stores the state information of an object when a class is what?
Why is it acceptable to think of objects as black boxes?
Because only the implementer knows how the data is stored and how the functionality is implemented.
What can define the scope of member data and functionality that determines the type of access users have to an object's member data and functionality?
A class
The scope of member data and functionality can be what?
private, protected, or public.
When you define a class's member data and/or methods that won't be directly accessed by other classes or classes that inherit from this class, you declare them as what?