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The Dutch in Indonesia concentrated their efforts on
Dominating the spice trade
Which of the following was a significant presence in southeast Asia by the mid-seventeenth century?
The Netherlands
French forces seized the English trading post at Madras.
As a result of commercial competition
In spite of the isolation and harsh climate, Russians ventured over the Urals into Siberia in search of
By 1750,which region was not linked by trade and commerce
Which region is incorrectly paired with a primary trade good?
A) Brazil and sugar
B) south Africa and wheat
C) India and cowry shells
D) Japan and spices
Japan and Spices
European sailors were able to tack against the prevailing winds by using...
A combination of square and lateen sails
Prince Henry sponsored Portuguese voyages of exploration
Down the west coast of Africa
Christopher Columbus believed that by sailing west 2,500 nautical miles he would
Find a direct and profitable route to Japan
By 1800 European exploration of the Pacific Ocean resulted in all of the following except
A) the discovery of a northwest passage from Europe to Asia.
B) the first complete circumnavigation of the world.
C) the mapping of Australia, New Zealand, and the islands of the South Pacific.
D) exploration of the coast of Alaska and the waters of the Arctic Ocean.
E) European colonization of the Philippines.
The discovery of a northwest passage from Europe to Asia