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Buzz Words for ALL
pancytopenia, radiation therpay, down syndrome

Buzz words for AML
Auer Rods
Buzz Words for CML
Philadelphia Chromosome
WBC >50,000
associated with myelodysplasia/myelofibrosis
Buzz Words for CLL
males, LAD
smudge cells
Burkit Lymphoma
associated with EBV
Hodgkins Disease
associated with Reed Sternberg Cells, cervical LAD, night sweats
Multiple Myeloma
Bence-Jones proteins, osteolytic lesions, high calcium level
Steps of management with cord compression
start high dose steroids
surgical decompression
MEN, type I
MEN, type IIa
Thyroid (medullary cancer), parathyroid, pheochromocytoma
MEN, type IIb
Thyroid (meduallry cancer), pheochromocytoma, mucosal neuromas
Gardner Syndrome
Familial polyposis plus osteomas and soft tissue tumors
Turcot syndrome
Familial polyposis plus CNS tumors
Peutz Jeghers syndrome
perioral freckles, non cancerous GI polyps
increased incidence of noncolon cancer; no increased risk of colon cancer
Neurofibromatosis Type I
neurofibromas, cafe-au-lait spots
increased pheochromocytomas
Wilms tumor
Neuroifibromatosis Type 2
bilateral acoustic schwannomas
Tuberous sclerosis
seizures, mental retardation
inc. renal angiomyolipomas and cardiac rhabdomyomas
von Hippel-Lindau disease
hemangiomas in cerebellum, renal cell cancer
cysts in liver and/or kidney
Consequences of lung cancer
Horner's syndrome, diaphragm paralysis, hoarseness, superior vena cava syndrome, cushing syndrome, SIADH, hypercalcemai, Eaton-Lambert syndrome
Biggest risk factor for breat cancer
personal hx of breast cancer
Conservative approach with breast cancer
bx every palpable breat mass in women over 35 years. Women under 30, breat ca is extrmely rare
Most common histologic type of breast cancer
invasive ductal carcinoma
Treatment of prostate cancer
local --> prostatectomey
mets --> orchiectomy, leuprolide (gonadotropin releasing hormone agonist), flutamide (adrogen receptor antagonist), estrogen (diethylstilbestrol)
where does colon ca freq metastisize to?
Classic presenataion of pancreatic CA
epigastric pain, migratory thrombophlebitis
palpable, non tender gallbladder
smoker, weight loss, jaundice
work up on insulinoma
check C-peptide
Mos common ovarian cancer
serous cystadenocarcinoma
psammoma bodies on histopathology
Sertoli-Leydig Cell tumors
cause virilization
granulosa/theca cell tumors
cause femininization
Steps followin dysplastic Pap smear
colposcopy-directed bx and endocervical curettage
micorinvasrive ca --> conix=zation
invasive --> surgery asnd xrt
Post menopausal bleeding
think endometrial cancer!!
get pap smear, endocervical curettage and endometrial bx
tx for endometrial cancer
surgery and xrt
Most common brain tumors in aduls
most common brain tumors in children
cerebellar astrocytomas
Evaluation of throid cancer
be susp of cold nodules
consider FNA, US, or open bx
most common primary tumor of liver
hemangiona (adults)
mepatoblastoma (children)
Krukenberg tumor
stomach cancer with bilaterla mets to ovary
Virchow's node
left supracalvicular node enlargement due to visceral cancer spread
classsic finding in osteosarcoma
"sunburst" or Codman's triangle appearnace of periosteal reaction in the distal femur or proximal tibia
melanoma, cns/nerve tumors
hydatiform moles, choriocarcinoma
liver, testicular (yolk-sac)
colon, pancreas, other GI tumors
Unicameral bone cyst
lesion in proximal portion of humerus
children, adolescents
may weaken bone to cause fracture
Birbeck granules