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neoplastic diseases
~healthy cells transform in2 malignant cells upon exposure 2 certain agents
~virus, chem, phy agents
~failure of immune response
~rapid cell division, malignant cells metastasize
neoplastic diseases
~epithelial (skin, GI tract lining, lung, breast, uterus)
neoplastic diseases
~nonepithelial (bone, muscle, fat, lymph)
cancer therapy
~cure client
~insure minimal function/structural impairment 4m dz
~if cure not poss, prev further metastasis
~relieve s/s
~maintain quality of life
~nx dx: altered body image
cancer therapy
cancer therapy
chemotherapy - S/E
~bone marrow depression
~GI tract prob
~elev uric acid
cancer therapy
~alkylating agents: uracil mustake, nitrogen mustard, cyclophophamide (cytoxan)
~antimetabolite: 5-FU, methotrexa (Folex)
~antibiotics: Andriamycin, Blenoxane
~plant alkaloids: Oncovin, Velban
~hormones: estrogens, progesterone
~misc: Matulane
cancer therapy
~mon bleeding/infec
~prov emo support
cancer therapy
radiation - external
~gamma rays
~NI: antiemetic (compazine)
~skin care: dermatitis 3-6wks, avoid lotions/powders
~"wet reaction", cleanse w/warm water, keep open, antibiotic cream
cancer therapy
radiation - internal
~cesium needles
~if radiation source drops out, dont tough w/bare hands
~use long forceps and put in lead container
7 signs of CA
~C. change in bowel/bladder habits
~A. a sore that doesnt heal
~U. unusual bleeding/DC
~T. thickening/lumps in breast/other
~I. indigestion/diff swallowing
~O. obvious change in wart/mole
~N. nagging cough/hoarseness
cancer therapy
radium implant
~nx cannot stay >10mins in rm b/c of high radiation
~no minors, preg, visitors
~dont move pt w/rad implant b/c it might dislodge
~only licensed nx can care 4 pt
~report 2 RN 2 contact radiation maintenance