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Most common soft tissue tumour in an adult?
malignant fibrous histosarcoma
50% five year survival
What is a dermatofibrosarcoma protuberans
7-15% of soft tissue sarcomas
elevated, firm , solitary painless mass in scalp/neck
metastases uncommon
good outcome after local excision with clear margins
>1/2 ulcerating
nodular diffuse dermal lesion on scalp and face
elderly white males
chronic lymphoedema is a risk factor, postradiotherapy, toxic exposures
Most common paediatric soft tissue sarcoma?
50% surviive
Where do cancers from the aeridogestive tract mmetastasize to?
Upper 2/3 of the neck
mets feel "matted"
Which cancers metastasize to nodes in the lower 1/3 of the neck?
skin, thyroid
Where do cutaneous SCC's from the "t-zone" of the face metastasize to?
preauricularm parotid lymph node
If involves the facial nerve- very bad prognosis
Indications for surgical remvoval of a lipoma?
painful- suggests an angiolipoma (histologically a mix of fat and blood vessels)
abnormal- concern of sarcoma (>5cm in max diameter, deep to deep fascia- more likely to be malig)