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Why did Tenzing chose Edmund Hillary as his guide?
Because Tenzing knew the mountain well and had adapted to the thin air.
Why was climbing Mt. Everest very difficult?
The air was thin and the oxygen tanks were very heavy.
What season do climbers usually climb?
Spring or early fall.
Why don't climbers climb in the summer or winter?
Because summer and winter monsoons make the climb harder.
Why did Tenzing and Hillary have oxygen packs?
Without them they would die.
Why did they have their camp so high?
Because they hoped that they could make it to the top before their oxygen ran out.
Why is Hillary worried about continuing the climb?
Because the powdery snow makes him slip.
Why did Hillary clear the tube that Tenzing was inhaling?
So he could get fresh air.
How did the climbers know they reached the top of Mt. Everest?
Because the ridge was lower all around them.
Why did the climbers have to leave the summit quickly?
They were running out of oxygen.
What does summit mean?
What is insulation?
material used to keep in heat.
What is an expedition?
A group journey with a clear purpose.
What does ascent mean?
A climb.
What does averted mean?
To prevent something from happening or avoid something.