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hip flexors
psoas major
rectus femoris
knee flexors
biceps femoris
knee extensors
quadriceps femoris:
vastus lateralis
vastus medialis
vastus intermedius
rectus femoris
hip aDductors
adductor magnus
adductor longus
adductor brevis
hip aBductors/internal rotators
gluteus medius
gluteus minimus
tensor fascia lata
external rotators, hip
iliacus tender point
1/3 distance ASIS to midline
tx: flex hips and knees, cross ankles for aBduction and internal rotation
aDductor tender point
along adductor muscle group
tx: flex hip and knee with aDduction and external rotation of hip
piriformis tender point
between lateral aspect of sacrum and ILA and greater trochanter
tx: prone, flexion and aBduction of hip
sx. of superior or inferior pubic shear
pelvic pain, groin pain, hip pain, low back pain
-dysfunction is on side of +StFT
ME for superior pubic shear
-uses aDductors of hip
-supine, leg off table, downward pressure on knee
pt. pushes to opposite shoulder
ME for inferior pubic shear
-uses hip extensors
-supine, hand monitoring SI joint, other hand driving IT toward head
isolytic ME for pubic shears
-uses aDductors
sx. of anterior inominate rotation
low back pain, hip pain
-ASIS more inferior and PSIS more superior on same side
-ASIS rotation test: resistance to posterosuperior
-+StFT on involved side
sx of posterior inominate rotation
low back pain, hip pain
-ASIS more superior and PSIS more inferior on same side
-ASIS rotation test: resistane to anteroinferior
-+StFT on involved side
ME for anterior inominate rotation
-uses hip extensors
-flexes until motion at SI joint
-pt. extends against resistance
ME for posterior inominate rotation
-uses hip flexors
-supine, leg off table, downward pressure on leg
-pt brings knee to same shoulder
HVLA for anterior rotation
leg 30 degrees off table
-gap SI w/ abduction
-ask about pain with traction
-HVLA tug at barrier
HVLA for posterior inominate rotation
-leg at level of table
-gap SI w/ abduction
-ask about pain with traction
-HVLA tug at barrier
sx inominate shear, upslip
3 of 5 with one being IT
iliac crest
pubic tubercle
HVLA for upslip
-somone stabilizes opposite ILA
-grab ankle and gap SI with abduction and internal rotation
-traction tug at end of exhale
ME for upslip
supine with feet over edge
-foot opposite dysfunction on drs leg
-foot w/ dysfunction is held, abducted and internally rotated
-pt pushes against leg for 3 secs and relaxes
-dr takes up slack in other leg
forward torsion treatment
(L on L; R on R)
IT spread
Lateral Sims
-pt turns toward and lies on side of axis
-palpate L5
-pt pushes knees to ceiling and dr pushes toward floor
Mirror Image
-lateral recumbent opposite axis
-pull ankles toward ceiling as pt pushes them down
treatment of backward sacral torstion (L on R; R on L)
lateral recumbent w/ ME
-place pt. in lateral recumbent on side of involved axis - bottom leg is extended
-palpate LS joint, rotate upper body opposite the lower body
-top leg hangs off table until motion felt at LS junction
-patient exhales with downward pressure
-hold breath out as they push their knee up
treatment of unilateral sacral flexion
-pt prone, palpate SI joint on deep sulcus side
-gap SI joint with aBduction and internal rotation
-pt takes deep breath and holds it while dr pushes ILA toward head for 3 secs
-maintain pressure w/ exhalation
treatment of unilateral sacral extension
-pt in sphinx, monitor SI joint on shallow sulcus side
-gap SI joint with aBduction and external rotation
-hypothenar eminence on shallow sulcus side and other hand graps ASIS
-pt exhales and holds, dr pushes on sulcus and pulls on ASIS as pt pushes ASIS to table (3 secs)
-maintain pressure with inhalation and returning from sphinx
sacral drag
-slack cephalad is forward torsion or unilateral flexion
-slack caudad is backward torsion
sacral tender points
tender point 2 is backward torsions
tender point 4 is unilateral flexions
interpret Patrick's (FABER)
positive if painful
-anterior or lateral pain is hip dysfunction
-posterior pain is sacroiliac dysfunction
spring test interpretation
positive on backward torsion, unilateral extensions, bilateral extensions
negative on forward torsions, unilateral flexions, bilateral flexions