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what opens to the eyes?
what stores jing/essence?
What controles the reception of Qi from the lungs?
What manifests on the nails?
What dominates and stores the blood?
What houses the Zhi?
What houses the Hun?
What regulates blood volume?
What dominates water metabolism?
What maintains free flow of Qi in the body?
What manifests on the hair?
What opens to the ear?
what controls the anus and urethra?
what protects the heart?
Is the glue that holds yin and yang together?
What is injured by anger?
What is injured by fear?
What is the psychological immune system?
What body fluid is tears?
What dislikes wind?
What controls the bones?
list 3 symptoms of Liver qi stagnation?
High blood pressure, hypoglycemia, anger (epilepsy) tremors
When anger or emotional upset causes digestive problems, this is an example of?
Liver overacting on spleen
What is a good description of Kidney Yang?
The pilot light that lights up all the other Yang in the body
Your patient has tremors in their hands and high blood pressure. Which organ system in TCM is most likely involved?
Why is the Lung considered the most vulnerable Zang organ?
It is the only Zang organ directly connected to the outside world
Which of the follwing is NOT a TCM function of Lung?
Lung keeps the blood in the blood vessels
Which of the following is NOT a TCM function of the Spleen?
Spleen manifests in the face
A woman bruises easily and has heavy periods is a symptom of?
spleens inability to transform and transport, inability to raise the qi in the body, inability to house the Yi, in ability to keep blood in the blood vessels
List the 6 extraordianry fu organs
Brain, Marrow, blood vessels, Bones, Gall bladder, uterus
What dominates the Qi, Skin, and body hair
Dominates the Muscles and 4 limbs
Governs transformation and transportation
governs dispersing and descending
houses the Yi
Houses the Po
regulates water passages
Opens to the nose
opens to the mouth and lips
prefers dryness
prefers dampness
qi descends
qi rises
injured by worry
injured by grief
What is not a dysfunction of qi?
qi excess
List three functions of qi in chinese medicine
warm, promote, protect
where do we get our yuan qi?
from our parents
which of the following types of qi is most closely related to what we know in the west as immunity?
wei qi (defensive qi)
where is the yuan qi stored?
A person who is very tall, jet black hair and has very strong bones and teeth but is mentally retarded is an example of?
poorly distributed Jing
What is the lenght of the jing cycle in women?
7 years
Which of the following is not true of prenatal jing?
It is replaced by eating well and living a balanced life
The gu qi is processed by the zhong qi and moves up to the chest and is transformed by what qi? to form zhen qi?
The Zong qi (gathering qi
The zhen qi takes two forms what are they?
The ying qi and the wei qi
The first day of fall is an example of what?
yin and yang being about equal with Yang increasing
Which of the following is NOT true about yin and yang?
yin and yang are absolute qualities (as opposed to relative qualities)
A person with a high fever that has an aversion to cold and seeks hot baths and hot soup is an example of what
yang seeking to transform into yin
What happens at midnight on the winter solstice (maximum yin) with regard to yin and yang?
The seed of yang is born in maximum yin
What does yin and yang originally mean in chinese?
shady side and sunny side of the hill
Man's place in nature/universe
the human condition
The proper order of society
Compare and contrast the concepts " Cause and effect with Web of interrelationships
Aristotle would look only to the immediate cause of situation and not consider everything that led up to the situation. Just what you can see is the depth of what happen. The web will consider endless possibilities even going as far back as to the creation of the earth
What had the greatest influence on the origins of Chinese Medicine?
Describe an example of when yin becomes yang in nature
Winter is yin it transformes into spring which is yin going away and yang coming forth wich goes into summer yang/yang. Any condition that is extreme is going to break and go into the opposite.
lu, sp, ht, pc, liv, kd
li, st, si, san jiao, Gb, UB
Large intestine (Du Chang)
Lower jiao, fu,
Function of the large intestine
1. extract water
2. accepts impure from small intestine
3. discharge stool
Lung and large intestine are both
metal, grief, (paired zang fu are the same)
stomach (wei)
fu, middle jiao, most important fu organ happily married to small intestine
stomach's function ( part 1)
post natal qi, 1. receive food and water from outside world, 2. rot and ripen, 3. chyme 4. controls descending qi 5. Stomach is origin of body fluid
the lining of the stomach and intestinal tract
considered outside of the body, the intestine picks out nutrients after the food has been broken down
heart burn
sphincter not closing due to low acid... take apple cider vinegar, HCL
Stomach's function (part 2)
6. injured by dryness, st yin deficiency is dryness treat kidney yin, kidney is master of yin and yang in the body.
7. stomach is the root of the pulses
8. tongue coating comes from stomach
9.stomach fire/ phlegm - very hungry- mental problems
10. earth- spleen and stomach
Small intestine (xiao chang)
lower jiao, between st and LI
Small intestine function
1. separates pure from turbid
2. good judgement (morals good/ bad)
Waste- liquid- bladder, solid- large intestine
If there is blood in the urine?
a sign of fire in the heart, heart is the commander of blood, blood in urine, treat heart fire.
ht excess goes into small intestine
Urinary Bladder (Pang Huang)
Lower jiao, UTI (urinary tract infection)- damp heat in Lower jiao
Urinary bladder functions
1. holds and excretes urine, kidney in charge of the release of urine
pathology is UTI
San Jiao (triple warmer
All three jiao's whole torso, not an organ, can't find the san jiao, lower rib divides upper and middle jiao, naval divides middle and lower jiao
San Jiao functions
1. transports yuan qi
2. transportation of water, kidney spark of life, basal metabolism san jiao married pericardium
3. integration
Gall bladder (Dan)
married to liver, wood, in lower jiao
Functions of Gall bladder
1. Stores and releases bile, bile= extra liver qi, bile spills into blood wthere is yellow skin and the whites of the eyes turns yellow
2. controls the sinews gb 34 is the point for tendons
3. quality of sleep
Test Question
Fall asleep= heart
stay asleep = Gall bladder
too many dreams good or bad =dream disturbed sleep
points to help sleep
For going to sleep- ht7 and sp6
for staying a sleep Gb 40 and 43
Gall bladder function (cont')
4. controls decision making, very impulsive, courage
small intestine makes the moral choice, gall bladder acts, liver makes the plan, gall bladder likes to take orders and goes out and does stuff. likes excitement, liver likes smooth movement.
for midterm pay attention to:
relationship of pairs
different types of qi
zang fu organs what lung, spleen, and kideny does
which jiao the organs are in
where which spirit is housed
flow of qi
zusanli = st 36
what is qi, blood, shen, jing