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What were the primary and secondary languages of the Old Testament?
Hebrew, Aramaic
What does the word testament mean?
Covenant or will
New Testament- the covenant was fulfilled
What are the three divisions of the Hebrew Bible?
Law (Torah), Prophets, Writings
Divisions of the English Bible
Law, History, Wisdom Literature, Minor Prophets, Major prophets
What does canon?
a reed or measuring stick
Law, wisdom literature, major prophets
each has five books
History and minor prophets
each has twelve books
What were the three subregions of the ancient Near East?
MES, Mesopotamia, Egypt, Syria/Palestine
What arch of soil joined the subregions of the Near East?
fertile crescent
What were the two important considerations in selecting a site for a city?
build on a hill, water
Southern terriory of Judah, David ruled here, one of the oldest cities, burial place of Abraham
Captured and destroyed by Joshua, east side of western highlands
was and is the most famous of all cities of the Holy Land, Hebrews took the city from Jebusites
Build by King Omri to become the capital of the kingdom of Israel, center of life
To what does the term "Pentateuch" refer?
the first five books of the OT
What does the Pre-existent Christ mean?
Jesus Christ coexisted with God from the very beginning
What does the word Genesis mean?
generation, source, origin
Gap theory
after Genesis 1:1, huge gap in time, allows us to believe in 6-day 24 hour creation, based on minimal scripture
Day-Age Theory
each day is extended time, 1000s of years for each day, God does not calculate time like we do- 2 Peter 3:8, Hebrew word used for day refers to 24 hour period
Revelatory Day Theory
Genesis is not original creation, but God telling the writer what previously happened, Helps resolve some of the problems of chronology
Phenomenal Language Theory
we speak of things as we see them and not as they actually are, type of literature of the Genesis account, does not answer probing answers of creation
Recent Creationism
says that the earth is 40,000 to 10,000 years old, closest account to the Hebrew text, disagrees more than any other theory with modern day science
First day
Second day
Third day
earth, vegetation
Fourth day
luminaries, sun, moon, stars
Five day
fish, birds
Sixth day
land animals, man
What is the meaning of the word "Sabbath"
to cease
In what ways did humankind change after the first sin?
man looses his original innocence, man looses his immediate access to God, man looses the peaceful paradise
Penalty of serpent
crawl on his belly and eat the dust of the earth
Penalty to woman
subordinate to the man, has multiple pain in child birth
Penalty to man
he has a life of toil and suffering
What were the two types of sacrifices in the Old Testament?
blood and fruit of the ground
Through whom did the chosen people of God come?
2 People who did not die
Enoch and Elijah
Where did Noah's ark come to rest?
Mount Ararat, Genesis 8:5
What does the word patriarch mean?
ruling father
In what city did Abraham live when first mentioned?
What were the features of the promise God gave Abraham?
Make you into a great nation, make you a great name, blessing to all nations, be land for Abraham's offspring
Where would Abraham eventually establish his home?
From who did Lot need to be rescued?
With whom did Sarai suggest that Abraham bear a child and what was the child's name?
Hagar, Ishmael
What were the sign and seal of the covenant between Jehovah and Abraham?
rite of circumsion
What does the name Sarah mean?
the nation's princess
How old were Abraham and Sarah when Isaac was born?
A- 100, S- 91
What was Abraham's ultimate test of faith?
be prepared to sacrifice Isaac
What name did Abraham give the place of sacrifice and what does that name mean?
Jehovah-jireh, the Lord with provide
Who was selected to be Isaac's wife?
descendent of Shem, Rebekah
What are the meanings of the names Esau and Jacob?
Esau- hairy or rough
Jacob- he who holds by the heel or subplanter
What two events characterized the early years of Jacob's life?
he purchases his brother's birthright, he steals his brother's blessing
What two advantages were afforded the one who possessed the birthright?
double portion of property when patriarch dies, assumes the position of leadership
Why was Jacob's stop at Bethel significant?
God spoke to Jacob and renews the covenant promise
Why was Jacob's stop at Haran significant?
he met Rachel
Joseph and Benjamin
Reuben, Simeon, Levi, Judah, Issachar, Zebulun, Dinah
Dan and Napthali
Gad and Asher
Location of Esau's settlement
Meaning of mahanaim
this is God's camp
Place where Jacob became Israel
the river of Jabbok
Meaning of Israel
prince of God
Meaning of peniel
the face of God
Meaning of succoth
Where Jacob called for purification of people
Meaning of El-bethel
God of Bethel
Place of Rachel's death
Meaning of Benjamin
the son of the right hand
Which of Joseph's brothers spoke up for him?
Once in Egypt, to whom was Joseph sold?
The significant fellow prisoners of Joseph
Pharoah's baker and cupbearer
Conditions for distributing grain to his brothers
hold Simeon hostage and don't come back until Benjamin is brought back
Three reasons Joseph's brothers were jealous of him
Israel loved Joseph more than other sons, tells your father about your activities, Joseph has two dreams where he will be elevated higher than brothers