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Solomen is best known as Israel's
From the story of how he has so many horses, what do we find?
That he had to have used

1)conscripted labor
3)materials from other countries
He was a
diplomat not a warrior
How did he encourage syncretism?
He had many wives from all over and allowed them to worship their own gods, even building temples for them
David. Vs. Solomon
1)came to throne hard way VS "born to purple"
2)warrior VS diplomat
3)man after god's own heart VS selfish and greedy
4) common touch VS regal
Horrible first king of northern israel son of solomon
Task Master who was exiled because he was so popular, the people brought him back when SOL. died
split between north and south
Israeli who wanted Nabaths vineyad. His wife sent a letter proclaiming a fast and saying Nabath cursed God. HE is stoned to death. Ahab gets the land
A southern writer wrote about the split kingdoms bc
it says that they were merely incompetenet not evil
South's only source of wealth?
their temple
a prophet who had the consest on mt. carmel. LEGEND
What were the principal reasons for the collapse of culture?
1. distance bt kings and people
2. polytheism
3. dictatorship
- heavy taxes
- iminent domain
- forced labor
- draft
2 important prophets and their style of prophecy
Amos: Spoken
Hosea: lived
Amos theme
let justice roll down like a river and righteousness an ever-flowing stream.

= you can't seperate justice and righteousness
Social dimension of Isreal's sin
1. slave trade
2. low value for humanity
3 absence of sympathy
4. sexual immorality
5. polytheism
6. temple parties
Plumb line
Theme of Hosea
I desire mercy, not sacrifice, and acknowledgement of God rather than burnt offerings
intimate understanding of the nature of God
Story of Hosea
Gomer= israel
Hosea= god

start of demise of Israel's prowess
first dominant force
722 assyrians under tiglath pilesar. assyrians mix w/ hebrews because of him.
second dominant force
586- Babylonians under nebuchonezzar- rounded up leaders of country and marched them across the desert, held them under house arrest in babylon. This is when the first creation story was written by priests.
3rd dominant force
Persia 536 under Cyrus, an enlightened dictator and excellent general- Let Hebrews do whatever then want as long as they don't attack him. Hebrews think that he is the Messiah. DISPERSION OF THE HEBREWS.
4th dominant force
Macedonians under phillip II and Alexander the Great- Carried Helenization,
Christianity is a byproduct of
Greeks and Jews
Socrates--Aristotle--alexander + plato
East vs west
east=community, west=individual
Macabean Revolt
200 BC, macedonians losing control
5th major empire
the romans- spread writing, great leaders like caeser augustus emerge, 160bc-120 ad= pax romana=great roman empire
Why did Christianity spread so quickly in the Roman empire?
1. common language- koine greek
2. common currency
3. extensive, well maintained road system
4. sea routes- (no piracy!)
5. strong standing army
Xianity proclaimed Rel. of empire under