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Four parts of the Old Testament
Books of Law (Torah, Pentateuch), Historical Books, Wisdom Books, Prophetic Books
The Books of Law
Genesis,Exodus, Leviticus, Numbers, Deuteronomy
What is in the Torah
the law, the accounts of creation, stories of the ancestors of the Jews, early Israelite history, codes of Jewish law
what would u find in the historical books
covers the Conquest of Canaan to the Kingdom of the Maccabees (last independent Jewish state)
what types of books are in the Wisdom section, what is the first book, the one closest to the middle, the last book
poems and wise sayings, the first book of the Wisdom section is Job, the book found closest to the middle is Psalms, the last book is Sirach
the Wisdom books cover... Job is a moral _______
poetry on religion and love, collections of wise sayings, and the book of Job (moral drama)
how would u find the Prophetic Books, first book, names of ______, what is the exception
it is closest to the New Testament, the first book is Isaiah, they are all names of male prophets, the exception is Lamentations
the Prophetic Books are...
visions and sermons of religious reformers
what are the first two books in the Historical section
Joshua and Judges
how could you locate the Historial section
you can open toward the begining and find Joshua, it's after the first five books
which section has numbers?
historical section
what is sirach also called
What is the first book of the prophetic section
how many old testament books does the protestant bible have? the catholic?
39, 46
what is the septuagint
the Bible that teh Greek-speaking Jews used, greek translation of the scriptures
why are there differences between the Catholic old testament and the protestant
at the protestan reformation Martin Luther went back to Hebrew bible and could only fin 39 in Hebrew, the rest were in Greek
what books were in what martin luther called the Apocrypha
tobit, judith, 1+2 Maccabees, wisdom of soloman, Baruch