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why Saul is a rustic king
1) no harem
2) no palace
3) no standing army
4) no judiciary

*only has the spirit of the Lord and his physical size*
how Saul mirrors the Hebrew people
1) those who posess the spirit of God will always prevail
2)from Benjamin (smallest tribe)= God picks the underdog
ways David comes into Saul's service
1) David= lyre player
*hired to calm Saul down
*made into armour bearer
2) David takes food to his brothers
*Goliath wants to fight someone
*David wants to fight Goliath
*Saul gives David his armour
*David kills Goliath with his own sword after laying him down with a slingshot
2 stories of Saul's death
1) saul asks his armour bearer to kill him to ensure a Phillistine won't kill him
*armour bearer refuses
*Saul kills himself
2) mercy killing by messenger
David's process of setting up a state
1) capture Jerusalem
*never been held by the Hebrews
*troops march through underground aqueduct
*no one claim the city for themselves (THINK: Washington, D.C.)
2) ark brought to Jerusalem
*places God in the center
*becomes city of God
*places God in a box (BAD!)
3) attaches priests to his court
*merges secular and sacred
*doesn't want division /b/ secular and sacred
4) gerrymandering (switching and changing borders)
*breaks down tribal unity
*becomes STATE unity
5) defeated Phillistines
*allowed them to stay if they'd behave
6) encorporated ALL Palestine into Israel
*included Moab and land east of the Jordan River
4th covenant
*Lord will make you a house (lineage)
*your children will build a temple
*David's kingdom will be established forever (Messiah?! Jesus!)
differences between Solomon and David
-common touch
-inherited the throne the hard way
-intimate relationship w/ God

-no common touch
-diplomat (child of palace)
-"born to purple" (premogeniture)
-large ego
IE: daily provisions, materials used for palace
-Solomon's son
-king of South (Judah)
-overseer of slaves
-king of North (Israel)
differences between the North and the South
-more people
-more $
-able to control $

-less people
-less $
-unable to control tariffs
-prophet of God's love
-LIVING prophet
-symbolizes God's faithfulness to the people
-speaking prophet
-minor prophet
-LEAST LIKELY to be chosen by God
-prophet of God's righteousness
things the Hebrews are doing that are NOT GOOD
-religion/blood line contaminated in North (melting pot)
-trading the poor for $ (low value of life)
-temples= frat houses
theme of Amos
justice and righteousness are the same
theme of Hosea
give God steadfast love and KNOW God (sexually)
-astute students of history
-acute observers of the present
-able to "predict the future" with their knowledge of past and present