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What are some themes of the story?
Selflessness, love, respect, confidence, loyalty
Who said, "Why am I so thoughtless?"
What does la mar mean?
It is a feminine name for the sea; it shows Santiago's respect and love for it.
What does Agua Mala mean?
"Bad Water"; he says its the "falsest thing in the sea"
When was Ernest Hemingway born?
July 21, 1899
When did Ernest Hemingway die?
What were Ernest Heminway's wives and children's names?
Hadley, Pauline, Martha, Mary, John, Patrick, Gregory
What did Santiago wish he brought on the trip?
The boy, stone, radio, salt, lime
Who was Martin?
The owner of the Terrace
Who was Pedrico?
The man who got the head.
Who was Manolin?
The boy, who got the spear of the marlin.
Give a list of the order of sharks that came and how they died.
1. Mako; stabbed in brain with harpoon
2. 3 galanos; beat them with a club
3. 2 galanos; beat them with a club, they ate the marlin
What were Santiago's injuries?
1. Left hand cramp
2. Cheek cut
3. Back cut
4. Hands cut
What fish did Santiago eat?
1. Dolphin
2. Tuna
3. Flying fish
4. Shrimp
5. Marlin