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사안 [私案]
one's private plan[program; scheme; idea; design].
사안 [史眼]
a historical view
사안 [死顔]
a dead person's face
목적 (目的)
a purpose; an aim; an object; an end
권리 (權利)
authority; powers; a right; a claim(청구권); a privilege(특권); a title(
고립 (孤立)
isolation; helplessness
국제사회 (國際社會)
the community[family] of nations; international society
사실 (事實)
a fact; an actual fact; a reality; actuality
such; like this; this; of this kind[sort]; this kind[sort] of.
행보 (行步)
walking; (a) walk. ~하다  walk; go on foot.
신뢰 (信賴)
reliance (on); dependence (on); trust (in); confidence
유지 (維持)
maintenance; upkeep; preservation; support; conservation; sustenance
거절 (拒絶)
refusal; rejection; disavowal; denial; rebuff; turndown
사찰 (査察)
(an) inspection; investigation;
협력 (協力)
cooperation; collaboration; working together
강화 (强化)
strengthening; intensification; tightening; buildup; reinforcement;
사무총장 (事務總長)
the secretary-general; the director; Director General
회담 (會談)
conversation; a talk; a parley; a conference(
have; take; hold; possess
관계자 (關係者)
the persons[parties] concerned[interested]; an interested person[party];
at once; right away; immediately; directly;
시급 (時急)
urgency; emergency; exigency
a reason; the reason why
발전 (發展)
expansion; extension; enlargement; development; growth
보장 (保障)
guarantee; security
해소 (解消)
solution; settlement
해소 (解訴)
withdrawal[discontinuance] of a case. ~하다  withdraw a case; drop[discontinue] a (law)suit; abandon an action.
공동 (共同)
cooperation; collaboration; union; combination; conjuction; association; partnership;
insisted; persisted; asserted
여전 (如前)
remain unchanged; be as before; be as ((it)) used to be; be just as it was
고수 (固守)
persistence; adherence; adhesion; tenacity
시사 (時事)
current[present] events[affairs; questions]; the events[news] of the day
movement; motion; [활동] activity
가동 (稼動)
operation; work
민간 (民間)
private; nonofficial; nongovernmental
공백 (空白)
blank; blank[empty] space
잠시 (暫時)
(for) a (little) while; awhile; for some time; for a (period of) time;
구축 (構築)
구축 (驅逐)
expulsion; ousting; driving away; extermination(
정치 (政治)
government; administration; politics; statecraft; political affairs
협상 (協商)
negotiation(s); bargaining; (a) conversation;《商》a conference;
국왕 (國王)
king; a monarch; a sovereign; a ruler.
시달 (示達)
written instructions[directions]; a directive; a public notification[notice]; an official notice; an order
정당 (政黨)
a political party
압력 (壓力)
지체 (遲滯)
delay; retardation; procrastination
연설 (演說)
(public) speech; an address; an oration; a lecture
참가 (參加)
participation; joining; adherence; entry
마비 (痲痺)
paralysis; palsy; numbness
조직 [組織]
an organization; formation; construction.
수십 [數十]
의석하다 [議席]
to hold a seat ((in an assembly hall)); to hold a parliamentary seat
연례 연설
annual address
general election
for more than a week
임시 (臨時)
temporary; provisional; interim; special
판매 (販賣)
sale; selling; marketing
돌입 (突入)
a rush; a thrust
황사 (黃砂)
yellow sand; sandy dust; Asian dust.
시도 (試圖)
a trial; a try; an attempt; an endeavor; an essay
완전 (完全)
perfection; completeness; wholeness; integrity
20th century
경영자 (經營者)
manager; executive; director
최고경영자 (最高經營者)
심화 (深化)
명성 (名聲)
fame; renown; (a) reputation; honor and distinction; credit; celebrity
강국 (强國)
a great power; a leading country
훼손 (毁損)
damage; injury; waste
width; breadth
성조기 (星條旗)
the Stars and Stripes; a Star-Spangled Banner.
공유 (公有)
public ownership[property
startingly; surprisedly; startled
insult; contempt; indignity; slight; affront; outrage
위원회 (委員會)
committee; a commission; a board; a panel;
주지사 (州知事)
the governor of a state
자신 (自身)
(one's) self; oneself
자신 (自信)
자녀 (子女)
sons and daughters; children; offspring
전세기 (前世紀)
last[the previous] century;
a sand hill; sand dune
지구 (地區)
a district; an area; a region; a zone
지구 (地球)
the earth; the globe.
지구 (持久)
endurance; sustenance; persistence
위치 (位置)
situation; a position; a location; a place;
인근 (隣近)
the neighoborhood; the vicinity
격리 (隔離)
isolation; insulation; segregation
노출 (露出)
exposure; disclosure; outcrop
현지 (現地)
the actual place
기자 (記者)
journalist; newsman;
보안 (保安)
the preservation[maintenance] of public peace[security].
장면 (場面)
a scene; a place; a spectacle; a site
모양 (模樣∙貌樣)
shape; (a) form; make; [외관] appearance
머리 모양
위해 (危害)
an injury; harm.
제약 (制約)
restriction; (a) limitation; (a) restraint; control;
언급 (言及)
reference; mention; comment; allusion
전달 [傳達]
transmission; conveyance; communication; delivery; notification; transfer
상복부 [上腹部]
the epigastrium; the upper part of the belly.