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향후 (向後)
after this; from now on; hereafter; henceforth; henceforward
연료 (燃料)
방문 (訪問)
interview; visit; call; official notice; government proclamation
기술 (技術)
an art; technique; skill; technical knowhow
제공 (提供)
an offer
전력생산 (電力生産)
electric power production
분리 (分離)
separation; secession; disunion; severance; disjunction; division; split;
관련 [關聯∙關連]
connection; relation; reference; correlation; association
관계 [關係]
relation; relationship; reference; bearing; respect
양국 [兩國]
both countries
more; still more; all the more
돈독 [敦篤]
gentle (and sincere); humane; courteous; affable; friendly; amicable
help; aid; assistance; [후원] support; [응원] reinforcement; [효용] use; service; utility
입장 [入場]
entrance; [관객 등의] admission; admittance.
본보기 (本−)
an example; a model; a pattern
slippery; slithery; greasy; slimy; [반드럽다] smooth; velvety; sleek.
피랍 [被拉]
be taken away[captive; prisoner]; be kidnapped.
무사 [無事]
safety; security
습격 (襲擊)
an attack; an assault; a raid; a storm; a charge; an onset; an onslaught
시위 (示威)
show of force; demonstration; display
수백 (數百)
연행 (連行)
take[lead; walk; march; haul; hustle; drag] ((a person to a police station)); haul[bring
불복 (不服)
disobedience ((to one's order)); insubordination ((to)). ~하다  disobey; be disobedient
행복 (幸福)
happiness; well-being
투표 (投票)
vote; suffrage
요구 (要求)
a requirement; a demand; a request; a claim(
표차 (表差)
a tabular difference
압도적인 [壓倒的]
overwhelming; overmastering; preponderant
원유 (原油)
crude oil
석유 (石油)
종식 (終熄)
cessation; an end.
망명 (亡命)
flight from one's own country; exile
시신 (屍身)
a (dead) body; a corpse.
공개 [公開]
open to the public
격추 [擊墜]
shoot down; bring down; down ((a plane)); knock ((a plane)) out of the sky
경멸 (輕蔑)
contempt; scorn; disdain; slight
분노 (忿怒∙憤怒)
anger; wrath; rage; resentment; indignation; exasperation; ire
존엄 (尊嚴)
dignity; majesty; prestige
get hurt; hurt oneself; be injured; be[get] wounded
선포 (宣布)
promulgation; proclamation; announcement. ~하다 promulgate; proclaim; make public; announce
긴급 (緊急)
emergency; urgency; (an) exigency
이례 (異例)
singular[an exceptional] case; an anomaly; an exception;
예정 (豫定)
a program; a plan; a schedule; [사전 준비] prearrangement; previous arrangement
논평 (論評)
comment; criticism; view
a lap; knee
즉각 (卽刻)
instantly; immediately; instantaneously; promptly; on the spot
공약 (公約)
a public promise
좌파 (左派)
the left branch; leftists.
내무부 (內務部)
the Ministry of Home Affairs; the Home Ministry;((美)) the Department of the Interior; ((英)) the Home Office.
선거 (選擧)
an election
선거 (船渠)
a dock
비용 (費用)
expense(s); expenditure; (a) cost; (an) outlay
등급 (等級)
class; a grade; an order; a rank; a degree; magnitude
서방 (西方)
the west; [지방] western districts; [나라] western countries; [동서 양진영의] the West
선택 (選擇)
selection; choice; option; selectivity
성공 (成功)
success; a hit; a coup; achievement; a breakthrough
제조 (製造)
manufacture; production; making; preparation.
기기 (器機)
machinery and tools; apparatus
일련 (一連)
a series ((of)); a chain ((of)).
작동 (作動)
functioning; working
중단 (中斷)
interruption; discontinuance; suspension; a break; abatement(
진전 (進展)
development; [진보] progress; advance; [전개] evolution; evolvement
격찬 (激讚)
high praise; a high tribute; unbounded admiration
강력 (强力)
great physical strength; power; might; [힘이 셈] being strong[
촉구 (促求)
pressing; urging.
외무 (外務)
foreign[external] affairs.
외무장관 (外務長官)
foreign affairs minister (of state); a State[Cabinet] minister; a Cabinet member
활동 (活動)
activity; action; operations
비난 (非難)
(an adverse) criticism; blame; (a) reproach; reprobation; (a) censure;
발전소 (發電所)
a power plant[station];
제재 (制裁)
sanction(s); punishment; discipline.
충분 (充分)
enough; sufficient; full; plentiful; plenty of; good; goodly;
무색 (無色)
lack of color; colorlessness.
의장 (議長)
the president; the chairman; the Speakers
this month
방치 (放置)
leaving[letting] ((a thing)) alone[stand]; letting ((a thing)) as it is[stands]; negligence
자산 (資産)
property; a fortune; means;
동결 (凍結)
freezing; a freeze ((of; on)).
포함 (包含)
inclusion; comprehension; implication(뜻을)
already; yet(의문문에서); ((not)) any longer; by now; by this time; previously; before
상태 (狀態)
a state; a condition; [모양] an appearance; [국면] a situation
차원 (次元)
a dimension
회원 [會員]
a member ((of a society));
승인 [承認]
approval; ((美口語)) an O.K.; consent; agreement
방향 [方向]
a direction; ((one's)) bearings; a quarter; a situation; a way; a point of the compass
방향 [芳香]
perfume; (a) fragrance; (an) aroma; a sweet smell; bouquet
결의안 [決議案]
a (draft) resolution
농축 [濃縮]
enrichment; graduation; concentration
보유 [保有]
possession; retention; maintenance
발표 [發表]
announcement; publication; [성명] a statement; a communiqué.
우려 [憂慮]
anxiety; concern; fear(s); dread; apprehension(s); cares; solicitude.
민감 [敏感]
sensitiveness; sensitivity; susceptibility; susceptivity
협상 [協商]
negotiation(s); bargaining; (a) conversation;《商》a conference;
의장 (艤裝)
equipment ((of a ship)); fitting-out; outfit; rigging
타협 [妥協]
compromise; agreement; understanding.