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강조 (强調)
emphasis, stress
언급 (言及)
reference, mention, comment, allusion
방미 (訪美)
a visit to the U.S.
예정 (豫定)
a program, a plan, a schedule
Government Information Agency (Korea)
continuously, successively, consecutively, [다음으로] subsequently, soon after, after that, then
상륙 (上陸)
landing, disembarkation.
긴급 (緊急)
emergency, urgency
발효 [發效]
coming into effect, effectuation, effectivation
대피하다 [待避]
to seek shelter
당국(자) [當局(者)]
the authorities (concerned), the competent[managing] authorities, the powers that be,
주지사 [州知事]
the governor of a state
실측 [實測]
(actual) survey,《數》observation
if, in case of
접객 [接客]
reception of a guest, entertainment
mess, wreck, ruin, (in) bad shape, disorder, confusion
단념 [斷念]
abandonment, resignation, despair, relinquishment. ~하다  give up
접객원 [接客員]
to stop in, to lodge at, to stay at (a hotel, an inn, etc)
폭우 [暴雨]
heavy rain, torrential rain, downpour
야기 [惹起]
bring about[on], create, cause, occasion, provoke, induce, give rise
수리 (修理)
repair(s), mending, reconditioning
군대 (軍隊)
the armed forces, the military
to get, have, obtain
시절 (時節)
the season, the time (of the year)
a part, a portion
to make something larger or bigger, enlarge, magnify, to bring up, to raise, to nourish
설득 (說得)
persuasion, talk someone into something
be filled, be put in, hold, be served[helped], be dished up[out], be filled,
이송 (移送)
transportation, transfer, removal.
to be in charge,
시인 (是認)
approval, approbation, admission
시인 (詩人)
요원 (要員)
the necessary personnel
수용소 (收容所)
an internment camp, (Gitmo)
감옥 (監獄)
prison, a cell
승인 (承認)
approval, an OK, consent, agreement
회부 (回附)
transmission, committal, commitment, reference, submission
합류 (合流)
confluence, conflux, join, flow, run together
순교 (殉敎)
임무 (任務)
a duty, an office, a task, a part(역할), (a) function(기능), a mission
수행 (修行)
training, study
수행 (隨行)
attendance (on a jury)
소식 (消息)
news, tidings, word, [정보] information, intelligence
소식 (小食)
a small appetite
to be joyful, delightful, happy, pleasant, gratifying, glad.
기도 (企圖)
plan, a project, a design, a scheme
기도 (祈禱)
(a) prayer, devotions, a supplication, an invocation
권고 (勸告)
(a piece of) advice, counsel, an advisory opinion, recommendation, exhortation
권고 (眷顧)
favor, patronage
저소득층 (低所得層)
the low-income bracket
자녀 (子女)
sons and daughters, children
쇠퇴 (衰退)
atrophy, degeneration
경쟁 (競爭)
competition, a contest, rivalry, emulation, a race.
경고 (警告)
a warning, a caveat, a caution [warning + tell]
고통 (苦痛)
pain, anguish, suffering, agony [suffering+ pain]
straighten, make straight[right], set up again, train
추모 (追慕)
cherish[respect] ((a person's)) memory, look back upon the memory of ((a deceased person)) with respect and affection
행사 (行事)
an event, a function
무차별 (無差別)
indiscriminate [no + difference + special]
총격 (銃擊)
rifle attacking, gundown, shooting [gun+ attack]
be spirited[animated, rising, energetic
발발 (勃發)
outbreak, outburst, sudden occurrence
축출 (逐出)
expulsion, eviction, dismissal, ejection, ousting
장관 (長官)
a minister (of state), a State[Cabinet] minister, a Secretary ((of Labo(u)r)), a head[chief] (official), a director, a president, an administrator, a governor
장관 (將官)
a general (officer), [해군] a flag officer, an admiral
시도 (試圖)
a trial, a try, an attempt, an endeavor, a tryout, a venture, an experiment (try + diagram/map)
시도 (視度)
visibility [looking at + degree]
시도 (示度)
a reading, indication, the registered[recorded] degrees.[show + degree]
충분히 (充分−)
enough, sufficiently, fairly, fully, thoroughly, to the full, [full + divide/share]
자신 (自身)
one's self [self + body]
자신 (自信)
self-confidence [self+ believe]
death, decease, departure
unexpected, sudden, abrupt
중단 (中斷)
interruption, discontinuance, suspension, a break [middle + stop]
완성 (完成)
completion, perfection, accomplishment, consummation, finish.
작곡 (作曲)
musical) composition[setting].~하다  write music, compose [do + song]
작사 (作詞)
lyric making, writing songs, lyric lines [do + words]
타격 (打擊)
a blow, a hit, a knock, (hit + attack)
성적 (成績)
a result, a showing, a record, merit, score [to make/to complete + result]
성적 (性的)
성적 (聖蹟)
a sacred[holy] place[spot] with historic associations[holy+ ?]
개성 (個性)
individuality, personality, idiosyncracy, individual character, subjectivity [individual+ nature]
개성 (改姓)
change of one's family name [amend + name]
개성 (開城)
surrender (of a fortress), capitulation, evacuation. [open+ castle]
공단 (公團)
a public corporation [public + group]
정상 (正常/定常)
normalcy, normality [straight + usual]
정상 (呈上)
presentation. ~하다 to present someone with something
우주선 (宇宙船)
a manned space vehicle, space ship [space+ ship]
무사 (無事)
safety, security [not+ business]
무사 (無私)
selflessness, unselfishness, impartiality [not +personal]
귀환 (歸還)
a return home [return + return]
착륙 (着陸)
a landing, touchdown [arrive + land]
to get into, to get on board, to get on a plane
탑승객 (塔乘客)
passenger, rider, customer (on a ship, boat, etc) [ride + customer]
비행사 (飛行士)
an airman, an aviator, a flier, a flyer, a pilot. [fly + go + expert]
궤도 (軌道)
a track, a railway, an orbit [road/path + way]
궤도에 진입한 후
after entering orbit,
경로 (經路)
course, a route, a channel, a path [passing through + road]
경로 (敬老)
respect for the elderly [respect + old]