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When did Djoser Rule?
2667-2648 BCE.
What was Djoser's greatest architectural achivement?
The Step Pyramid.
Where is Djoser's Step Pyramid Located?
In Saqqara, Egypt.
When Did Sneferu rule?
2613-2589 BCE.
What were Sneferu's architectural achivements?
The Red Pyramid and The Bent Pyramid.
What was the first "true" pyramid?
Sneferu's Red Pyramid.
When did Khufu Rule?
2589-2566 BCE.
Who was Khufu's Son?
What was Khufu's greatest architectural achivement?
The Great Pyramid.
When did Khafre Rule
2558-2532 BCE.
Who was Khafre's Son?
What were Khafre's architectural achivements?
The second Great Pyramid and The Great Sphnyx.
When Did Menekare Rule?
2532-2503 BCE
What was Menekare's greatest architectural achivement?
the third and smallest Great Pyramid.
Why was Menekare's Pyramid So Special?
Because the interior was elaborate and the exterior was encased in fine granite.