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The two functions of mitosis.
Growth and repair
The actual division and splitting of the cell's cytoplasm into two is a process called ______________
What triggers a bacteria cell into duplicating its DNA?
When it reaches adult size
How long does it take bacteria under ideal conditions to complete one life cycle?
about 20 minutes
A chromosome is made of two of the four macromolecules: they are _________ and __________
nucleic acid and protein
A ______________ is an arrangement of photographs of a person's chromosomes.
In each cell you have two chromosomes that contain genes for the same traits. They are ___________________
homologous pairs
After your DNA has been replicated, the copy stays attached to the original at the _____________ region of the chromosome.
Give the molecular definition of a gene.
A string of bases that codes for one polypeptide chain.
How many homologous pairs of chromosomes does a human have in one somatic cell?
What are the protein spools that DNA winds around called?
histone spools
Bacteria do not do mitosis. Instead, they perform a process called ____________.
Binary Fission
If the last pair of your chromosome pairs has one long chromosome, you are a __________.
After your DNA has replicated, the two pieces stay attached at the ___________. These pairs are called __________ __________.
centromere/sister chromatids
True or False: Cytokinesis is performed by bacteria.
There are approx. __________ genes in one human genome.
Mitosis comes from the word "mitos" which means _________ in Greek.
Two sister chromatids are held together at the centromere by a ____________.
Name a somatic cell that has an adult life without a nucleus.
Red Blood Cell
The spindle equator is also known as the ____________ ________.
metaphase plate