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What are the micromolecules of Protien?
Amino Acids
Can amino acids be basic?
Yes, because of the NH2
Technically, how many amino acids are possible?
An infinite amount, but there are actually only 20 are actually used in nature
What is the simplest AA?
Only AA with 2 ligands connected?
Cysteine and Methionine are special because?
They are the only AA that have sulfur in them.
What are polypeptide chains joined together by?
Condensation Rxn's
What kind of bonds does the condensation reaction cause?
Peptide Bonds
What are the two functional groups involved in condensation reactions?
carboxyl and amino
What does zwitter mean?
"Hybrid" (in German)
What physical properties of salt does an amino acid gain when it acts as a Bronsted-Lowry base or acid?
It becomes a crystalline solid, has a high melting point, is very soluble in water, and is not very soluble in hydrocarbon solvents.
Changing what changes the amount of zwitterion present?
the pH
What happens to zwitterions at low pH values(acidic)
They gain an H+ on their carboxyl end
What is the isoelectric point?
The pH value when 50% of the AA is in zwitterionic form.
What are three ways you can group amino acids?
By the isoelectric points, by the polarity, and by if your body makes them or not.
What are the 8 amino acids that you do not make in your body called?
Essential amino acids
Where must you get the 8 amino acids you do not make from?
Your diet
What amino acid is made by bacteria in the GI tract?
His, and it is not considered essential.
What are 2 amino acids that are very hard to get in a vegetarian diet?
Lysine and Isoleucine