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campus, -i, m.
plain, field
litterae, -arum, f. pl.
letters, literature
luceo, lucere, luxi
I shine
sumo, sumere, sumpsi
I take (up); I put on
facilitas, facilitatis, f.
ease, facility
diligentia, -ae, f.
care, diligence
lex, legis, f.
multitudo, multitudinis, f.
multitude, crowd
insignis, insigne
outstanding, distinguished
ius, iuris, n.
right, justice
tumultus, tumultus, m.
riot, uproar
brevis, breve
virilis, virile
of men, manly
puerilis, puerile
of boys, childish
toga virilis
the toga of manhood
quam + superlative, e. g. quam celerrime
as quickly as possible