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Define Disease
a physiological/psychological dysfunction
Define Illness
a subjective state of the person who feels aware of not being well
What are the Key components of the revised HEALTH definition by the WHO?
Key components of revised health definition:
- Health is a positive concept
- Health is not an endpoint
- Health is a resource for everyday life
What is oral health?
the extent to which an individual or group is able to
-realize oral functions
-satisfy needs (meet nutritional requ. and interact with society)
-to change or cope with the enviornment
What is natural history (what does it refer to)?
refers to the course of a disease over time, unaffected by treatment
What are the characteristics and examples of the Susceptibility stage of Natural History?
-disease has not yet developed
-groundwork for disease has been laid, by factors that favor its occurence
-high serum cholestrol increases the probability that overt coronary heart disease will develop
-Residence in a non-fluoridated city increases the probablility that dental caries will develop.
Characteristics of Pre-Symptomatic disease
-no manifest disease
-pathological changes have started to occur
-transformation of oral epithelial cells prior to symptoms of cancer
Characteristics of Clinical Disease Stage
-end-organ changes have occured
-recognizable signs and symptoms exist
-dental carries, periodontitis
-diabetes, coronary heart disease, cancer