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Give 4 functions of the office
production,disseminating information,the distribution and exchange of goods and sevices, carrying out organizational control
Give the 2 layouts of an office
enclosed/traditional/cellular office or and open-plan office
Give 2 advantages of an open plan office
can be easily supervised and there is access to natural light
Give 2 disadvantages of an open-plan office
persons are easily distracted and there is no privacy
Give 2 advantages of an enclosed office
person has privacy and can concentrate of their work
what is office ergonomics?
the science of fitting jobs to people, or adapting working space and conditions to suit the worker
Give three ways in which ergonomics can affect the office
seating, desk and lighting
Explaing the difference between chain of command and span control
chain of command is the sections of the pyramid below the person in the managing position whilespan of control is the number of subordinates a manager supervises
what is an organizational structure?
the distribution of tasks and responsibilities within the organization in order to achieve its goals
what is an organization chart?
a pictorial presentation of an organizational structure
give 3 advantages of an organization chart
1. it defines authority a clear idea of responsibility
3.provides a visual aid of the business
give 3 disadvantages of an organization chart may give an impression of the organization from the manager's point of view
2. it may make workers dissatisfied about their status in the organization
3. unless they are reviewed regularly the organization may outgrow the stucture and charts may convey the wrong info
give 4 types of organization charts
line, staff(line and staff), functional and committee
give 4 persons that could be staff on a line and staff organization chart
1. legal consultants
2. marketing consultants
3. research and development consultants
4. cleaning consultants
give 7 office equipment
telephone, photocopy machine, computer, laminating machine, gilotine, paper shredder, printer
what are reprographic machines?
machines that duplicate or make copies of something(documents, files, etc)
give 3 examples of reprographic machines
photocopy machine, scanner and a resograph
what is the correct name for a fax machine
facsimile machine
who are the owners of a private business
what do the hierarchical levels of management show?
the flow of communication within the organization