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Who is a skilled fighter who spends the whole epic going through adventures to try and get home: the main character of the novel
Who clings to Odysseus in her sea-hollowed caves, is immortal, and a beautiful nymph, daughter of Poseidon
The king of all gods
God of the waters and seas, earth shaker, gives Odysseus a hard time getting home because he poked the eye out of his son, Polyphemos
Stole Agamemnon's wife and killed Agamemnon on his homecoming day. He knew his doom of being killed because the gods warned him not to hurt Agamemnon, but he did not listen
Killed by Aigisthos on his homecoming day after fighting and winning the Trojan War, later gives advise to Odysseus about being cautious on his return home to Ithaka
The son of Agamemnon who, after his father is killed, kills his mother and Aigisthos for revenge
Grey-eyed godess who is a master strategist like Odysseus, and helps him through the entire journey. Also helps Penelope with her grief, and Telemakhos in his venture to find his father, or any information about him he can
A Kyklops who is the son of Poseidon and has his eye poked out by the mastermind Odysseus, later prays to his father to give Odysseus a hard time coming home
The fastest way finder and messenger. Zeus' favorite son, tells Kalypso that she must let Odysseeus go. Always speaks in rhyme
The Taphian captain who Athena disguises as. The son of the veteran Ankhialos.
The son of Odysseus who is convinced by Athena that his father is alive. Is a little angry that his father left him with trouble and fear and he is very shy and needs to be more bold, experiences his own Odyssey throughout the epic
The red haired king of Sparta who is a very good friend of Odysseus and the husband of Helen. Gives Telemakhos information on his father and his where abouts
The wife of Odysseus, mother of Telemakhos. Very beautiful and is always seen mourning for Odysseus. Misses him and does not want to choose a suitor. Later tests her husband with their bed of peace, something she has tested no other man with, faithful
Suitor. Very rude and blames Penleope because she said she would marry one of the suitors, but hasn't followed up. The worst of the suitors and is killed first out of all of them