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Son of Odysseus and Penelope, the prince struggles to gain his own maturity while attempting to deal with the problems of the palace.
The central figure in the epic, he employs guile as well as courage to return to Ithaca, defeat the suitors, and resume his proper place as king.
Wife of Odysseus and mother of their son, Telemachus, she is shrewd and faithful in fending off the suitors.
A goddess-enchantress who turns some of Odysseus’ crew into swine, she reverses the spell and becomes Odysseus’ lover for a year, advising him well when he departs.
A goddess-nymph, she holds Odysseus captive for seven years, sleeping with him, hoping to marry him, and releasing him only at Zeus’ order.
King of the gods, he is somewhat unpredictable but usually supports wayfaring suppliants, hospitality, and his daughter Athena in her concern for Odysseus.
King of Pylos and a former warrior in the Trojan War. Like Odysseus, he is known as a clever speaker. Telemachus visits him in Book 3 to ask about his father, but he knows little of Odysseus’s whereabouts.
Wife of Menelaus and queen of Sparta. Her abduction from Sparta by the Trojans sparked the Trojan War. Her beauty is without parallel, but she is criticized for giving in to her Trojan captors and thereby costing many Greek men their lives. She offers Telemachus assistance in his quest to find his father.
King of Sparta, brother of Agamemnon, and husband of Helen, he helped lead the Greeks in the Trojan War. He offers Telemachus assistance in his quest to find Odysseus when Telemachus visits him in Book 4
Former king of Mycenae, brother of Menelaus, and commander of the Achaean forces at Troy. Odysseus encounters Agamemnon’s spirit in Hades. Agamemnon was murdered by his wife, Clytemnestra, and her lover, Aegisthus, upon his return from the war. He was later avenged by his son Orestes. Their story is constantly repeated in the Odyssey to offer an inverted image of the fortunes of Odysseus and Telemachus.
During his absence during the Trojan War, Agamemnon's wife, took a lover, Aigisthos. Upon Agamemnon's return, she kills him and his slave-mistress, Cassandra. The son, Orestes, kills his mother and her lover for destroying the family they had. For doing this, Orestes is held up by Athena to Telemakhos as a hero. The morale is that the destruction of the family should not go unpunished.
God of the sea and father of Polyphemus, he seeks revenge on Odysseus for blinding his son.
The daughter of Alcinous, the King of Phaecia. She is the first to meet Odysseus when he reaches Phaecia. She guides him to the city and advises him to approach her mother Arete if he wishes to get help to return home
Queen of the Phaeacians, wife of Alcinous, and mother of Nausicaa. Arete is intelligent and influential. Nausicaa tells Odysseus to make his appeal for assistance to Arete.
The most arrogant of Penelope’s suitors. He leads the campaign to have Telemachus killed. Unlike the other suitors, he is never portrayed sympathetically, and he is the first to die when Odysseus returns
King of the Phaeacians, who offers Odysseus hospitality in his island kingdom of Scheria. He hears the story of Odysseus’s wanderings and provides him with safe passage back to Ithaca.
A manipulative, deceitful suitor. Eurymachus’s charisma and duplicity allow him to exert some influence over the other suitors.
The loyal shepherd who, along with the cowherd Philoetius, helps Odysseus reclaim his throne after his return to Ithaca. Even though he does not know that the vagabond who appears at his hut is Odysseus, he gives the man food and shelter.
Daughter of Zeus and goddess of wisdom, purposeful battle, and the womanly arts. Athena assists Odysseus and Telemachus with divine powers throughout the epic, and she speaks up for them in the councils of the gods on Mount Olympus. She often appears in disguise as Mentor, an old friend of Odysseus.
Also known as “the Cyclops,” the one-eyed cannibal giant who traps Odysseus and a scouting party in his cave and is blinded when they escape.
The divine minstrel at Alcinous' palace. Upon hearing his songs of the heroes of Troy, Odysseus begins to cry.
Faithful old nurse to Odysseus (as well as Telemachus), she identifies her master when she recognizes an old scar on his leg.
Keeper of the winds. He resides on a floating island along with his large family. After the adventure with the Cyclops, Odysseus and his men stay with him for a whole month and then are sent on their way to Ithaca. He gives Odysseus a bag of winds that his men foolishly open, causing them to be driven back to his island.
The most vociferous of Odysseus' crew. He plays a significant part in the Circe and Thrinacian isle episodes but perishes in the sea with the rest of the crew when Odysseus' ship is destroyed.
Odysseus’ father, the old king lives humbly and in solitude on a small farm where he mourns the absence of his son; once reunited with Odysseus, he is restored to dignity.
The blind seer of Thebes, he meets Odysseus in the Land of the Dead, warns him of impending dangers, offers advice, and foretells a later quest and a long life.
The blind seer of Thebes, he meets Odysseus in the Land of the Dead, warns him of impending dangers, offers advice, and foretells a later quest and a long life.
One of the five sons of Nestor at Gerenia, who help his father in looking after the guest,Telemachus.
The youngest of Odysseus' crew. When Odysseus and his men are about to leave Circe's isle in order to descend into the underworld, he falls from the roof of Circe's dwelling and dies. His soul meets Odysseus in the underworld and asks for a burial.
A hero of the Trojan War. His soul meets Odysseus in the Hall of Hades and says that he would prefer to be a serf in the land of the living than a great prince in the land of the dead.
Melanthios and Melantho
Odysseus’ disloyal goatherd and an insolent palace maidservant, these two are representative of those who serve their master poorly, and each is rewarded with a grisly death.
Messenger of the GOds who informs Calypso that Zeus wanted him to let Odysseus leave the island.
snatched and killed six of his men, one for each head. Odysseus urged his men to row for their lives; not stopping to fight this monster
swallows the sea in a whirlpool, then spits it up again. Odysseus has to chose whether to sail near Scylla or this other monster.
The song of the sirens bewitched men and drew them in to the island where they would be smashed against the rock and shipwrecked. Circe advised Odysseus to gave all the men wax to plug up their ears and then asked them to tie him to the mast. He made them promise that however much he pleaded, shouted or asked to be set free they were not to untie him. They did as they were told.
A well-known beggar in Ithaka who confronts Odysseus dressed as a beggar. Odysseus beats him up.
Odysseus'grandfather who was known as a greta theif and was w/ him when O. got his scar on his foot.
Another Ithacan who is loyal to Odysseus. When Odysseus departed, he had given charge of his house to this man. Athena often disguises herself as this character in order to aid Odysseus and Telemachus.
In the first Book, Athena encourages Telemachus to go in search of news about his father. She does this in the guise of Mentes, ruler of the Taphians.
One of the suitors that is basically good at heart. A minor plotline in the Odyssey is how he becomes trapped in his fate with the other suitors.
The prophecy
The prophecy said that Odysseus must travel until he meets a people who know nothing about the sea, don't use salt, don't know about ship, have purple cheeks and shapely oars which are wings of ships. Then when he meets a man who says that Odysseus' oar is for winnowing and that he must plant it and offer gifts to Poseidon. Then return to Ithaca and offer holy hecatombs to all the gods. After all this he will be assured a long happy life
Titan; Father of Kalypso
Fatherof Nestor; former king of Pylos
a queen who talked w/ Odysseus in the land of the dead.
Lover Kltemnestra, murderer of Agamemnon and murdered by Orestes
The old man of the sea
Son of Telamon, who quarreled w. Odysseus over Achilleus' armor.
SOn of Achilleus
SOn of Nestor who accompanies Telemachus to Sparta.
One of the 2 leading suitors who attacked Odysseus
The father of Penelope