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a means of amusement, or recreation
2 Dimensional art
having height and width
being able to see through
an area that light does not pass through
admitting and diffusing light so that objects beyond can not be clearly seen
a powdered coloring material for paint, crayons, chalk, and ink
material that holds together pigment
to lap over, used to create depth on a 2-dimensional surgace
Horizon line
the apparent junction of the earth and sky
Vanishing point
appoint on the eye-level line, toward which parallel lines are made to recede and meet in perspective drawing
The representation of 3 dimensional surfaces, using two vanishing points and two sets of converging lines to represent form.
2 point perspective
a way to show 3 dimensional objects on a 2 dimensional surfaces, using two vanishing points and two sets of converging lines to represent form.
Thumbnail sketch
small prelininary drawing
Contour line
lines that define the outer edges of forms and surfaces within a form such as shapes or wrinkles and folds
eye level
a horizontally drawn line that is even with the viewer's eye. In landscapes, it can be the actual horizon line, but can also be drawn in a still life.
Value scale
scale that shows the range of lightness and darkness in a color
What are the Primary colors?
Blue, Red, Yellow
Blue plus yellow =
Red plus blue =
Red plus yellow =
Name secondary colors
Violet, Orange, green
7 ways of depth; size
objects appear smaller farther away
7 way of depth; position
objects are moved higher in the page as they go back in space
7 ways of depth; overlap
objects have less detail as they fet farther away
7 ways of depth; details
objects have less detail as they get farther away
7 ways of depth; Objects close and far away
close - colors are bright and sharp. objects far away - color are pale and washed
7 ways of depth; Warm and cool colors
Warm colors apear closer. Cool color appear farther away
7 depth ; linear perspective
1 pt. 2 pt. 3 pt perspective
What colors make green
Blue and yellow
What colors make orange
Red and yellow
What colors make violet
blue and red
What colors make blue
What colors make red
what colors make yellow