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study of drugs
any chemical substance that affects biological system

chem substance used to prevent, diagnosis, alleviate, or cure disease
are dietary supplements like herbs, vitamins, aa, minerals drugs?
by law no yet they do hve pharmacologic effects on the body

they are not subject to FDA approval for efficacy and safety required for drugs
principle of pharmacology are basic for what?
obtain health history

administer drugs

managing emergencies

planning appointments

discussing drugs w/pts
3 ways to say a drugs name
chemical name

generic name

trade or proprietary name
what must generic drugs be by law?
although generic drugs are cheaper

they must be biologically equivalent to the trade name drugs and therefore be therapeutically equivalent
biologically equivalent
when drugs produce similiar concentrations of the drug in the blood and tissues
adverse drug rxns
toxic effects
side effects
allergic rxn
drug interactions
toxic rxns
results from the direct action of a drug

are extensions of the therapeutic effect

due to too much of drug
Allergic rxn
not dose related

range from Type I -immidiate hypersensitivty to Type IV- delayed rxns
what are drugs in dentistry likely to provoke an allergic rxn?
penicllins aspinin and NSAIDS
side effects
any action which occurs in addition to the therapuetic effect
drug interactions
action of an administered drug on the effectiveness or toxicity of another drug administered earlier, at the same time, or later

usually dose related

ex:ASA given to pt on warfarin causes increase in effect of it so severe bleeding
federal regulatory agents
omnibus budget reconcilliation act of 1990

pharmacists must provide pt counseling and history of drug for medicaid pt
food and drug administration

requires quality control of drug manufactoring

determines which drugs need prescription

regulates labeling and advertisement
Federal trade commission

regulates drug company trade practices

prohibits false advertising of foods, Otc drugs, and cosmetics
drug enforcement administration

division of department of justice

administers controlled substances act of 1970

regulates manufacture and distrubition of substances w/abuse potential
top five most prescribed drugs
2005 highest sales and most prescribed drug
top selling class of drugs
lipid lowering, cholesterol reduceers "statin" drugs
leading therapy classes in sales of drugs
1.cholesterol lowering
3.anti cancer
4.anti depressants
5.anti psychotics
blockbuster drugs
drugs w/sales over 1 billion annually

82 drugs exist and 7 are anti cancer drugs
why did merck pharmaceuticals remove vioxx from market?
withdraw of Cox-2 inhibitor was voluntary and based on companys own data

increased rist of heart attack and stroke

vioxx 25 mg/day increase risk of CV events
problem w/COX2 inhibitors
used to treat pain and inflammation

greatest concern has been stomach bleeding, liver, and kidney toxicity