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a decrease in this indicate thrombocytopenia, leukemia, pernicious anemia, hemolytic jaundice, and infective endocarditits?
platelet count
Platelet count should be what?
100,000 to 400,000 platelets/mm3
What should be less than 5 min and evaluate platelet function?
Bleeding time
What increase bleeding time?
Asprin (ASA) and NSAIDS
What should prothrombin time be?
12-14 sec
What should be used when pt is on coumadin therapy?
prothrombin time
Most of the factors depressed by oral anticoagulants are in what?
extrinsic path
What tests the extrinsic pathway and the common pathway?
prothrombin time
What is included in extrinsic pathway
Factors IV, VII, calcium, and phospholipids
What is included in common pathway?
factor X, V, calcium, and phospholipids
What is partial thromboplastin time (PTT)
35-50 sec
What test do you do when pt is on Heparin therapy?
Partial thromboplastin time
What does partial thromboplastin time test?
Intrinsic path and common path
what is affected by deficiencies in vit K, hemophilia A, Hemophilia B, von Willebrand's disease?
intrinsic path
What is included in intrinsic path?
Factors XII, XI, IX, VIII, calcium, phospholipids
What is used to standarize the results of PT resting when various labs use different materials and instrumentation?
International Normalized Ration (IRN)
What can a percussion test indicate?
periapical abscess
perapical granuloma
Cracked tooth
A tooth that initial exhibits tenderness relieved by pressure later become sensitive to percussion is most likely what?
periapical abscess
What is the result of pupal necrosis either by caries or secondary to tramatic occlusion
periapical absess
What can require endodonic therapy or extraction?
periapical abscess
periapical granuloma
What causes a tooth to be asymptomatic, exhibit mild pain or sensitivity to percussion?
periapical granuloma
formation of granulation tissue is secondary to what?
necrosis of the pulp
What causes inflammation of the lining of the sinus causing pressure that extrudes the tooth?
traumatic occlusion causes furht inflammation of what when one has sinusitis?
What has an incomplete fracture of the dentin that may involve the pulp?
cracked tooth
What is used to test individual cusps, to create selective pressure on individual cusps to determine where fracture is?
tooth sleuth
Beside a tooth sleuth what else can be used to test a cracked tooth?
cotton tip applicator
When is pain felt with a cracked tooth?
upon release of pressure
What are 2 techniques for heat test?
syringing of hot coffee, and warm gutta percha or green stick on tooth
What is a positive response to heat test?
pain is strong, sharp, and lingers
What is a neg response to heat test?
no pain to heat
Applicatio of Endo Ice on a cotton pellet placed on tooth or ice stick placed on tooth is what type of temperature test?
cold test
A + response to cold test is what?
pain that is strong, sharp and lingers
What is a - response to cold test?
pain that is tolerable but does not linger
What is Irreversible Pulpitis?
acute pulpalgia, spontaneous pain is possible
What causes a tooth to be very sensitive to heat/cold that lingers, and required endodonci tx?
Acute pulpalgia, irreversible pulpitis
Why type of pulp problem has no spontaneous pain, hypersensitive to hot/col but remove stimulus and sensitivity disappears quickly?
hyper-reactive pulpalgia, reversible pulpitis
How do you fix hyper-reactive pulpalgia?
restore tooth/observe
What type of pulp has no response to tem, and requires endodonic therapy?
necrotic pulp
What technique requires you to dry the tooth, ground the pt with a wand, use toothpaste as a conductor
EPT technique
With the EPT technique what teeth do you test?
test contra lateral and adjacent teeth for baseline reading
No response to EPT test means what?
what is Class I mobility>
up to 1 mm total lateral mvt
What is Class II mobility?
1-2mm total lat mvt
What is Class III mobility?
total lateral mvt beyond 2mm and or depressible in socket