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What are the five classes under Phylum Mollusca?
1. Polyplacophora
2. Bivalvia
3. Scaphopoda
4. Gastropoda
5. Cephalopoda
What are the geni under Class Polyplacophora?
1. Cryptochiton
What are the geni under Class Bivalvia?
1. Amblema
2. Pecten
3. Teredo
4. Tridacna
What are the geni under Class Scaphopoda?
1. Dentalium
What are the geni under Class Gastropoda?
1. Conus
2. Cypraea
3. Haliotus
4. Murex
5. Polineces
What are the geni under Class Cephalopoda?
1. Nautilus
2. Architeuthis
3. Loligo
4. Sepia
5. Octopus
What is Coelom?
1. Space between the outer body wall and any internal organs.
What are the advantages to having a Coelom?
1. frees organs from being bound to body wall
2. fluid-filled - protect organs
3. Allows organ growth and development.
4. Provides hydrostatic support
What are the three types of body cavities?
1. Acoelomate - no body cavity - Platyhelminthes
2. Pseudocoelomates - false body cavity - Nematoda, Rotifera
3. Eucoelomates - true cavity
What are the two types of peritoneum and what do they line/cover?
1. Parietal - lines body wall
2. Visceral - covers organs.
3. Both are connected by mesentery
What are the primary features of Mollusca?
1. Foot
2. CaCO2 shell
3. Mantle
4. Radula
What is torsion that Gastropoda use for protection?
1. flip body over and head goes into the apex of the shell. There is a hard covering on the back of their head which protects that area.
What are the three types of shell curvature? (right, left, neutral)
1. Dextrial - right handed
2. Sinistral - left handed
3. Planospiral - neutral
What are the shell layers?
1. Nacreous - inside layer/shiny/pretty
2. Periostraotum - outside layer
3. Prismatic - middle layer
What are the subphylum under Phylum Arthropoda?
1. Trilobita
2. Chelicerata
3. Crustacea
4. Uniramia
What are the classes and geni under Subphylum Chelicerata?
1. Class Merostomata
- Limulus
2. Class Arachnida
- Tarantula
What are the classes and geni under Subphylum Crustacea?
1. Class Malacostraca
- Cambarus
- Callinectes
- Cancer
- Pagurus
- Penaeus
2. Class Cirripedia
- Balanus
- Lepas
What are the classes (3) under Subphylum Uniramia?
1. Diplopoda
2. Chilopoda
3. Insecta
What is a tagmata?
1. fused segments that make functional groups
Where did Phylum Arthropoda evolve from?
1. Annelids
2. They are metameric or segmented.
3. Have paired appendages
3. Nervous system includes ventral nerve cord
How do the Arthopoda differ from annelida?
1. Multilayered exoskeleton
2. Jointed appendages
3. Reduced coelom
Compare Direct Development VS. Indirect Development?
1. Direct: hatch as mini adults
2. Indirect: hatch and undergo metamorphosis.
What six factors promote the success of insects?
1. Small body size
2. Flying ability
3. Protective exoskeleton
4. Metamorphosis
5. Reproductive potential
6. Compound eye