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In Sturge-webber syndrome, glaucoma should be evalution especially in patients with _________.
upper lid or conj involvement.
What is Sturge-webber sundrome?
encephalofacial cavernous hemangiomatosis
What is the external manifestation of sturge-webber?
UNILATERAL neuvs flammeus
What are 3 hemangiomas?
1- teleangiectasia
2- capillary hemangioma
3- kaposi sarcoma
A netlike distribution of superficial capillaries is ____.
What are 3 causes of teleangiectasia?
1- rosacea
2- UV damage
3- collagen vascular disorders
Do capillary hemangiomas regress on there own? What kind of treatment can you give?
yes, systemic/intralesional steriods
What are the 3 stages of development for nevocellular nevi?
1- junctional
2- compound
3- intradermal
Junctional nevi are usually ___ and ___.
flat and benign
Compound nevi are _______ (called the _____ phase) and are found in young adults.
raised, erupted
______ nevi are dome-shaped and will disappear by age 70.
Can sturge-webber manifestations cross the midline?
What "thing" is usually present with congenital nevi?
coarse hairs
Do congenital nevi have the potential to be malignant?
Congenital nevi are ____ than nevocellular nevi.
A ___ is a neoplasma of melanocytes with metastatic potenial
THe prognosis of a melanoma is _______.
related to thickness at biopsy (deepness)
moles > ____ are likely to be melanomas.
Describe 3 characteristics of a freckle.
1- small and tan
2- 1-3 mm
3- intensified by the sun
Name 3 characteristics of lentigines.
1- brown macules
2- 3-8mm
3- unaffected by sun
a liver spot is a ___.
Freckles or lentigines could be mistaken for ______ which may be a precursor to a malignant melanoma.
lentigo maligna
In Nevus of Ota you may see _____.
blue discolored skin and sclera (ipsilateral)
What 2 problems are associated by nevus of ota?
1- glaucoma
2- Uveal malignant melanoma

(most common in asians and blacks)
______ is a very common yellow plaque of lipid deposition onthe upper eyelid.
What is a major big NO NO risk factor in Graves?
What EOM is affected 1st in greaves?
Inferior (IMLS)
Hallmark sign on hypothyroidism is ____.
myedema (eye lid edema)
Stevens Johnson is a toxic rxn from exposure to ___ drugs.
sulfa (and other drugs too)
Stevens-johnsons AKA _____.
Erythema multiform major
Erythema multiform MINOR only affects the _____ and not ____.
only skin, not mucous membranes
Cicrtrical pemphigoid is another name for ____.
What are 2 ocular signs of CP?
1- ankyloblepharon
2- tear duct obliteration (dry eye)
2 forms of lupus are :
1- systemic LE
2- discoid LE
When I say Butterfly lesion, you say ______.
What are 3 differential diagonses for DLE?
1- chronic blepharitis
2- rosecea
3- psoriasis
What is the treatment of choice for DLE?

(next in line is chloroquine)
What are 3 ocular manifestations for SLE?
1- flame hemes
2- cotton wool spots
3- KCS (sicca)
______ is ectodermal and mesodermal hyperplasia.
tuberous sclerosis
Tubero sclerosis mainly affects the ____.
Name 5 manifestations of tuberos sclerosis.
1- adenoma sebaceum
2- periungal papules
3- ash leaf spots
4- shagreen patches
5- tubers
Astrocytic hamartomas are found in ______.
tuberous sclerosis