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same moleular formula but different in structure

either structureal isomer or
have same molecular formula and have same atomic connection

the maximum # of stereoisomer of comp is

n= number of chiral carbon

either configurational isomers or conformational isomers
structural isomer
have same molecular formula but different atomic connection.

have very differnt chemical and physical property
different b.p

aka constitutional isomer
conformational isomer
only differ in rotation

staggered or eclipsed (newman projection)
configuratonal isomer
either enantiomers or diastereomers
non superimposable mirror image like your hand

same property except optical activity

R and S
거울상이 서로 겹치지않는 성질
stereogenic center
탄소원자에 4개의 다른 둰자단이 결합에 있을때
have different physical property

superimposible mirror image

-geometric isomers
geometric isomers
cis or trans and E or Z

different arrangement in double bond

cis/trans must have 1 H each side.

E/Z compare highest priority substituents
staggered (anti)
most stable
order of stablity
staggered (anti) >staggered (gauche) > eclipse (120 degree)> eclipse (0 degree)
cyclic conformation
boat and chair

chair (cyclohexane) most stable

envelop (cyclopentane)
equatorial and axial position
bulky group favors equatorial position over axaial b/c of steric repulsion w/ other axial subsitute
chiral carbon
have plane of symmetry=achiral (3diff sub)
-identical to its mirror image

no plane of symmetry=chiral
(4 different sub)
absolute configuration
R and S

1. assigned priority
-higher atomic # takes precedence orver lower atomic #

2. have H point outward

3. more around the molecule from high to low

4. R if rotate left
S if rotate right

5. if H is inward then change S to R and R to S
2 or mor chiral carbon
if R <-> S
then enantiomers

if R <-> R or R <-> S
then diastereomers
reletive and absolute config
relitive config is change only if the bond of chiral atom is broken

absolute config is change only if R or S config is changed
optical activity
ability to rotate plane polarized light

R and S shows optical activity

meso compound= no optical activity

recemic mixture
-has both R and S, no optical activity because they cancel out
recemic mixture
mixture that contains equal amt of S and R enantiomers which cancel out thus no optical activity
meso compound
compound that possess chiral center but are still nonetheless achiral

possess a plane of symmetry
most simliar to most differnt in isomers
conformation most similar
diasteromer (meso and geometric)

structural most differnt
cis and trans in cyclic compound
trans isomer is more stable b/c van der walls repulsion btw sub is minimized
Geometric isomer
differ the arrangement of group s around a double bond

Z = same side
E = opposite site
(compareing large group)

Cis and Trans
(comparing large group to H)
2^n ??
# of stereoisomer

n= number of chiral atom
different physical and chemical property
structural(constitutional) isomer
different physical property
same property except optical activity